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Soccer player and influence: This will be the confirmation of Baby Sofía today

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For your confirmation today at 12 in the morning in the church

Assumption of Our Lady of Aravaca The countdown to the march begins

baby sofia to Wales, where he will study the International Baccalaureate and have his first experience of

independence. We know that

her sister Leonor will be her godmother and that there is a course coming up to make the neighborhood, that in his school,

Santa Maria de Los RosalesIt is always done in the first year of the Baccalaureate, not in four of ESO or at the age of 16 that Sofía is.

Another thing: it is the last step of the crucial roadmap that he follows in the footsteps of his sister, the

princess eleanor. She can benefit from her sister’s experiences and advice, and certainly also from the good taste that UWC Atlantic College has left in her mouth. So far, Sofía repeats the path that was given to her.

The IS

confirmation to

baby sofia About to receive it will be, again, a carbon copy of the one that was going on when Princess Eleanor arrived at the same moment. It will be in the same parish of Aravaca, Assumption of Mary, and her classmates will also be with her.

This time, without the restrictions of the pandemic, there is no limit to the relatives who can attend the confirmation. And everything shows that Sofía chose her sister Leonor as god. The fathers and daughters then celebrated the event with a meal at their favorite seafood restaurant.

Infanta Sofía with her sister, Princess Loenor. /

limited pictures

Sofia’s declaration will be similar to Leonor’s declaration

Very different circumstances are not expected for the

Sophia Certificate, and we will probably have almost entirely the usual position of the royal family and little else. We say almost because it remains to be seen if the

Queen Emeritus Sofia attend the celebration or not. the head of

Eleanor It was at the same time as the pandemic, so the sanitary restrictions could have affected the absent grandmother. King emeritus Juan Carlos will obviously not be present. Grandpa is still in Abu Dhabi.

From the confirmation of Naíonán Sofía, events will be accelerated. And above all, the youngest daughter of the kings could begin a short phase of her life in which she will enjoy the

maximum freedom.

Much more than what you have enjoyed so far, since your movements will be less evaluated and you will even get rid of control

queen letizia about his lifestyle. It is predictable: we will see how Sofía begins to express her sensitivity and her particular tastes with more freedom.

It is not usual for Queen Sofia to strictly attend family events such as confirmation or graduation, as we saw in Wales. /

a real home

Until now, the kings Felipe and Letizia tried not to discriminate in the treatment and education of their daughters, which began to change as soon as Leonor had to.

go on stage of Princess of Asturias and Princess of Girona awards. However, the two young women combed their hair, dressed and expressed themselves in a very similar way. Typical of sisters who share almost everything.

In late adolescence, we were able to verify the differences in taste and sensitivity between Sofía and Leonor. The most obvious has to do with the approach to fashion, so different. Yes

Eleanor he is cautious and conservative, dares Sofía

spending trends completely effortless, as we saw in the seventies outfit he wore to his sister’s graduation. Her silhouette helps her: her height makes what she wears look great.

Sofia has as much interest in fashion as Queen Letizia

Be careful, as it seems

Sofia He is a fan of fashion and trends, something he shares with his cousin, Irene Urdangarin. Queen Letizia is unlikely to approve of a career as a Victoria Federica style influencer, but there is some hope that Sofía will take over from her mother to retain the Spanish Crown in

the way of glamour. Leonor probably has more tools to connect with civil society than fashion.

Another focus of difference that greatly contributes to Baby Sofía’s personality is her love of soccer. Undoubtedly, it is one of the aspects that shows exactly how Spanish society has changed since the babies Elena and Cristina were the age of their nephews.

Football is not just a sport

more popular nor sailing or horse riding, but it is accompanied by the breaking of women in all categories of this sport, from children to the newborn professional series.

Infanta Sofía with her father, King Felipe, and the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, at the Copa del Rey final in Seville this year. /

limited pictures

Of course, even though Queen Letizia insists on taking her daughters to dance shows and high culture theater and buys them all sorts of readings, the young ‘royals’ will certainly have them.

their own idols. We know that Harry Styles is among them, because three Bourbon girls attended his concert in Madrid last August. In the case of the Infanta Sofía, in addition, one more name has been confirmed: that of the Barcelona player Pedri.

The Infanta Sofía is a culé, a hobby she does not share with her mother, Queen Letizia, who is not a fan of sporting events in general. Also, Sofía is a fan, my fan, of Pedro González, the

midfielder of Barcelona Football Club, better known

Pedro. She is 20 years old, she is from the Canary Islands and has the approval of the princesses and other beauties on the young scene of influence. Brides come out from under the stones.

Fashion, football and, mind you, science fiction. The Infanta Sofía is perhaps the true Zarzuela ‘nerd’ teenager due to her love for the Star Wars universe, including Baby Yoda, and the space fiction genre in general. He is so passionate about the stories that come out of it

other planets, whose code name to take the entrance exams at UWC Atlantic College was Dunne, the literary classic that became a series in 2021, with Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet. We confirm: it has excellent taste.

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