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Princess Salma of Jordan has the most popular Mango cut out jacket

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    Salma Jordan has the jacket with openings which you can find in Mango and that it is one of the most popular trends on the scene. And that’s when it appeared the cutout bet was reserved for the most beautiful dresses in spring and the summer, Hailey Bieber came in to introduce these strategic holes in the blazers as well. Now, on the other hand, it is a Royal who is dedicated to this type of clothing.

    Salma from Jordan with her family.

    © Royal Hashemite Court

    The youngest of the daughters of Conradh na Gaeilge Rania from Jordan along with the rest of the royal family during the graduation of his little brother, Prince Hashem. For the occasion, she chose a striking garment that did not go unnoticed by fashion experts, a jacket with slits on the sides in a vibrant pink color belonging to the firm Jaquemus.

    salma from jordan with a jacket with openings by jaquemus

    Salma from Jordan wearing a split jacket with Jaquemus

    © Royal Hashemite Court

    A piece made of virgin wool with marked shoulders that was originally worn as a mini dress. However, the princess made it the centerpiece of the look, teaming it with tailored black trousers and a dark handbag.

    Game Mango Cut Out Jacket

    And from a luxury brand to a more affordable one where you can find a design like the one worn by Salma from Jordan. Among Mango’s novelties for spring we find a jacket with white openings which, over the cutout, is turned in the central part of the abdomen. There is a blazer priced at 99.99 euros and available from size XS to L.

    Cut out jacket



    A design that you can wear with a monocolor look as shown by the Catalan firm in its look book or, on the other hand, together with other tones like the most stylish Royals.

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