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Máximo Menem kept his promise and abandoned his surname – GENTE Online

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Maximum Menemthe son of Carlos Menem and Cecilia Bolaco, he finally fulfilled the wishes of the community last year, with the support of his mother. The 19-year-old chose to legally change his last name, renaming himself Maximum size Bolacoas seen in their social networks.

It should be noted that the son of the former president uses his mother’s last name to appear in the world of modeling, a career in which he recently took his first steps and fills with pride.

For her part, Cecilia Bolocco made it clear that she will always support her son: “I will support Máximo in everything… He knows that I depend on him unconditionally, he knows my opinion and he is clear about it . I am happy”.

Regarding Máximo Bolocco’s relationship with his father Carlos Menem, Cecilia declared: “It was very difficult to contact him, to communicate with his father. It was a long process; in the end, we had to call one of his guardians , which made it difficult to communicate”, which generated a distance that made the young man no longer want to have his father’s surname.

A few years ago, Máximo himself expressed the discomfort of seeing his father: “I could never be alone with him. Besides, he didn’t speak much either and he was older. I don’t have many memories of him , because I didn’t know him either. Besides, I always had to go through Zulemita to be able to talk to him”.

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