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Cinfa and the Barcelona Health Hub will promote innovative start-up projects

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cinfa a collaboration agreement was signed with Barcelona Health Hub (BHH), a non-profit association that promotes “innovation in digital health and its transfer to the sector”, with the aim of “stimulating and promoting innovative trends and projects in the field of health”. Through this union, accomplished through Cinfa’s Open Innovation Platform, CinfaNextboth entities seek innovative initiatives start”applicable to the current and future challenges of the health sector”.

Specifically, the Barcelona Health Hub will provide Cinfa with “its extensive entrepreneurial ecosystem” so that the pharmaceutical company can started “whose solutions are set out within its six innovation focuses”: longevity, ancestry, self-management of health, natural solutions with scientific evidence, personalization of health and sustainability.

“The challenges in responding to the health needs of patients and healthcare professionals are increasing. And from Cinfa we want to make efforts with the innovative ecosystem to promote new projects in this regard”, he explained. Julio Sanchez, responsible for Laboratory Innovation. “We have great confidence in the value of collaborative work and, for this reason, together with entities such as the Barcelona Health Center, we hope to be able to rely on the perspective and expertise of the various organizations. started with which joint projects can proceed”, he said.

“At the Barcelona Health Center, we know that collaboration is essential. And it is a source of pride that Cinfa, through its Open Innovation Platform, trusts us to find innovative solutions in the field of health”, he said in turn. Christian Pascual, president of the association. “The incorporation of CinfaNext as a strategic partner is synonymous with opportunities, for our innovative ecosystem and for the health sector and society in general,” he said.

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