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Chiara Ferragni, with an XXL neckline on the back

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The IS back in the air, a trend that has more and more followers among celebrities, replacing (or accompanying) front necklines on red carpets and events. It can be up to the waist, to the middle, be asymmetric …, the point is, while posing for photographers, it looked good. A complete art with a name: ‘beome a Pataky’. Why the Spanish actor Elsa Pataky She was one of the first to stand, gracefully, as she returned to the flashes, revealing the opening at the back of her dress. Megan Fox and her impact neckline or how she was always “the pretty girl at school” confirms her exuberant style//A look to remember from the Cannes Film Festival 2022, the year Sharon Stone delivered an unforgettable coup//Cannes Film Festival 2023: Irina Shayk surprises with the most dangerous look on the red carpet

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