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Artificial Intelligence: Is a bot your best friend?

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Imagine a world where your constant companion was a artificial intelligence, ready to talk and advise you. Although this theme is already a script for several futuristic films; it is a reality today.

This vision of the future is masterfully embodied by Kai Fu Lee (former president of Google China) and what qiufan (science fiction writer), author”AI 2041“. In this book, the authors dive into the interesting potential of it artificial intelligence three science fiction stories, each based on technological advances that could be ready by 2041 in different countries of the world. An example is the story “The Sparrow Twins”, in which the Pak family of South Korea interacts with children’s vPals, who help them do their homework and even win competitions at school. This story, like the others in the book, is preceded by a technical explanation of the technologies presented there, in this case about GPT-chat.

Meanwhile, in real life, just last week, Caryn Marjoriea influencers of SnapchatHis bot launched his own version with the technology GPT-chat, Caryn AI. caryn claims that created this AI to “cure loneliness” and that millions of her followers can interact with her at the same time, a concept that reminds us of Scarlett Johansson’s character in the movie “Her”. The initiative of Caryn AI It has been a success, with millions of new followers who are charged $1 per minute of interaction.

Some might argue that these interactions are of AI they can’t replace real human connections, and rightly so. AI is not designed to replace human relationships, but to help us relieve certain stresses in everyday life.

The possibilities are endless. from a AI as carynwhich provides conversation and companionship, for the vision “AI 2041“, where AI assistants adapt and learn to meet individual needs.

How do you readers see the impact of AI on your life? Maybe in a few days, months or years they will see themselves talking to their own vPals or laughing at a joke, listening to a song I sing to them, or different things that we can’t even imagine.

It is vital that we remember, as we move into this exciting era AI, that technology is here to enrich our lives, not replace it. As we explore and develop this technology, we should think about how it can be used to improve human interactions and provide social benefit. The future of AI it is in our hands. It is important that everyone takes a proactive role and starts by understanding, questioning and using new technologies.

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