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This is what the Virgin of Chiquinquirá would look like according to two powerful Artificial Intelligences

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The Ultimate Daily Version plunged into the fascinating world of experiment with artificial intelligence (AI)and this time, he has decided to apply it to to recreate images of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, Maria was admired by the Zulians for centuries. Two advanced technologies were used to achieve such productions: Bing, powered by Dall-E, and Leonardo AI generating intelligence.

The use of these powerful AIs has opened the doors to create hyperrealistic images that capture, in part and with many variations, the essence of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá. By using complex algorithms and machine learning techniques, Bing with Dall-E and Leonardo AI were able to interpret a clue specially defined o Wrote the Final Version which included characteristics related to the original image of the virgin, to generate surprising visual representations.

Bing with Blind-E is a collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI that combines the Bing search engine with the AI ​​model known as Dall-E. The latter is able to generate images from textual descriptions, allowing ideas to be transformed into powerful and highly detailed visual representations.

and Leonardo AI it is an AI platform where advanced generation models come together, for example Stable Diffusion. This powerful tool can generate images and perform creative tasks, being a source of inspiration for artists and creative people in various fields.

The Final Version invites its readers to appreciate these wonderful images and to choose, according to their understanding, the representation of the virgin that best fits the figure still intact on the iconic “tablet”. recovered from the waters of Lake Maracaibo on November 187, 1709.

The purpose of this initiative is to explore the limits of creativity and demonstrate how artificial intelligence can generate images that capture the essence and beauty of a religious icon so significant to Zulia and the country in general.

The images generated by Bing with Dall-E and Leonardo AI show a fusion between the historical heritage and the innovative capabilities of technology. It is important to note that these visual representations are an artistic interpretation, enriched by the imagination and creativity of AIs, and are not intended to replace the original image. venerated in the basilica.

Enjoy and appreciate these 13 images generated by the artificial intelligence that uses Final version:

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