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Shakira surprises her fans with her surfing ability

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Summer is coming and with it, those water-soaked sports you always want to practice when the temperature rises. The surf He is one of the famous people, because of that direct contact with nature, especially with the sea and the waves breaking on the beach, for that reason famous people of the status of Cameron Díaz, Alessandra Ambrossio or Margot Robbie have already declared themselves total fans, and a list is also added Shakira.

Shakira takes to surfing: the trendy ‘celebrity’ sport you’ll want to try too

Between success and success, Shakira It also finds a place for sports. The singer who has not stopped making hits so far in 2023, gave us a new song just a few weeks ago under the name acrostic, together with their two children Milan and Sasha. Now it seems that the artist has changed those more entertaining and melodic rhythms of her latest single for the adrenaline and the feeling he thinks surf a few waves. She has already divided herself into networks attached to the reels: “if there are no waves, they are made.”

get on the tableKeeping your balance and catching the waves with Shakira’s skill is no easy task at all. It requires practice and a lot of technique when maneuvering to be able to keep up with the sea, so keep legs strong Choosing this discipline is crucial.

vidaXL surfboard

vidaXL surfboard

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The IS exercises to strengthen the lower body They are a will spend in Shakira’s routine and an essential part of your workouts if you’re thinking of getting on board and giving it to yourself on the surf table. Don’t miss this one to tone your legs.

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