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Seance AI: The AI ​​that allows you to chat with a deceased person

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Session AI the latest innovation in the field of artificial intelligencebut how useful is it?

Talking about what hurts us and our feelings in general is a way to heal. But, how to heal when you are not able to say what you wanted to love before they left? The IS artificial intelligence The answer to this question seems to be yes. On their way to conquering the world (and our lives), the developers AI they have also paid attention to death and have developed a program that allows us the a final farewell to our loved ones deceased.

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When we lose loveMany emotions come out. If death is sudden, frustration and regret usually prevail. We say to ourselves: “I wish I could say that”, “I should apologize for this or that”, “I want to say goodbye one last time”. These thoughts can prevent or delay grief and, above all, become obsessive. Bringing back the dead is probably the best way to make up for lost time. But so far science has not found a viable way.

Technology or mysticism?

That’s where the artificial intelligence. the development laboratory EU Studio working on a program, called Session AIwhich allows you to last talk with your loved ones through a chatbot. To replicate as closely as possible the person you want to communicate with, the AI You will need some information: her first name, last name, date of death, details of her life, your relationship with her, and a note written by the deceased to imitate her writing style.


Can AI help you fight a duel?

One of the journalists from the science and technology scene Futurism she was tempted by the project to have a conversation with her late father. “Hello Dad. I’m Maggie. I miss you,” he said. A few seconds later, the chatbot He replied: “Hello Maggie, honey! What a pleasure to hear from you! It’s been a long time, right? I miss them too.” After a few more messages, the user found the program 80% convinced. But then, is this enough? a tool of artificial intelligence for make crying more bearable?

Although it could be a good opportunity for saying goodbye to a loved one, share memories with the recipient, which is not possible (for obvious reasons). Also, Jarren Rocks, the creator of the show Session AI, stressing the time constraint. “It’s basically a short interaction that gives a sense of closure. That’s really the main objective”, he declares in an interview Futurism. At the same time, he admits that allowing users to chat for hours with an unsuspecting “deceased person” would have negative consequences for users’ mental health.

Besides, just think about talking to a artificial intelligence The form (or at least the voice) of the dead is pretty macabre. And perhaps not so useful from a psychological point of view. In reality, it’s a one-way conversation. However, Jarren Rocks tries to make the scene “as magical and mystical as possible.”

At this time, there is no additional information regarding the upcoming technical additions to the AI ​​program. Session AI. The price for users is also unknown. Teams of EU Studio they originally thought of a monthly subscription, but due to the limited capacity of the chatbot, this would not be attractive. So they will definitely choose loose sessions. In your opinion, contact a deceased person through artificial intelligence is it a good or bad idea?

Article originally published in GQ France.

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