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Georgina Rodríguez surprises by dancing bachata in her latest Instagram video

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Georgina She has already shown many times that she loves dancing. he ballet was very present in his life reputation since she was a child, a discipline that has always held her in high esteem and affinity. Now dance is now one more part of their training, where there is room for all styles, especially emphasis the twerk to improve hip and gluteal strengthwith the rhythm of the themes that are up to the steps of the model, for this reason Cool, of bad hostageit could not be missing from the store.

Georgina Rodríguez surprises her fans with a bachata dance

Ballet, twerk and now bachata. It is clear that there is no dance that can stand up to Georgina. After posting a few stories on Instagram moving her ass to the rhythm of Bad Gyal’s latest hit, the model has shared another video dancing bachata following in the footsteps of Marley, a professional in the field.

We already know that dance a exercise full body, perfect for activating all the muscles of the body, but it also allows us that special connection with the music where we can move following the rhythm of each song. Bachata works, as well as releasing endorphins and promoting a state of well-being in everyone who practices it, especially legs and buttocks and it helps lose calories.

Its clear that Georgina She has a talent for dancing, and the bachata he was not going to be an exception. Look at the coordination and sensuality with which he moves to the Romeo Santos rhythm. In addition, the model has worn heels for the occasion, which gives the dance an additional difficulty, which is undoubtedly even applause.

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