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Christian Nodal admitted that it was not easy to overcome Cazzu: “Argentinians are difficult”

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TO just a few months from becoming parents for the first time, Christian Nodal He gave details about the beginning of his relationship with cazzuwhich was not easy to achieve, because according to the Mexican singer: “Argentina is difficult”.

In an interview for the Spanish program “Best News”Nodal admitted that he had to work hard to make Cazzu his girlfriend:

The thing that cost me the most is difficult for Argentina. They’ve de-romanticized a lot of things, they don’t just let themselves get wrapped up…they’re very smart. If you knew how Julieta affected me, it wasn’t easy, it was a beautiful process

Among the things he had to do to overcome Argentina, Christian he composed the song “Cazzualities”which will be released soon and made him very excited:

This song is beautiful and comes from the bottom of the heart and is about the process of conquering

Christian Nodal and his life in Argentina

A few months ago, the interpreter of Conradh na Gaeilge did “Goodbye Love” he gave an interview to the program “Come Joy”where he said the following about living in the countryside in a South American country:

I can make you a roast now. They’re teaching me how to cook … it’s very valuable because nobody really crosses my mind, nothing crosses my mind, and it’s a beautiful connection to the self. You see the landscape and deepen many things

Nodal and Cazzu, no wedding plans at the moment

In another conversation with the program “The Sun Comes Out”, Nodal sure that, despite the fact that their relationship with cazzu in the best moment, none of them need to get officially married, at least for now:

I don’t know the truth. For now, no. We bring a very valuable relationship, and I think it goes from there. If at some point there is a wedding or whatever, it will be because we are happy

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