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Barrio 18 suffers from a company that circulates between Izabal and the capital

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two armed attacks against the buses of the Litegua company, which are distributed between Izabal and Guatemala Citythey have set off the alarm because they are under attack by alleged gang members of Barrio 18 who charge them extortion, confirmed an official source.

The last armed incident took place on 22nd May at around 6.00pm and claimed the life of the pilot Manuel Delfino Pineda Rivas, 60 years old, Friends and passengers know him as Don Memo or Meme, a resident of the central canton of Canalitos in zone 24 of Guatemala City.

Pineda Rivas was the victim of the armed attack on Monday, May 22, when she was returning from a trip from Puerto Barrios, Izabal and entering the capital at kilometer 8.5, route to the Atlantic, zone 18. I was about to reach the bus car park of that company.

An investigator from the National Civil Police (PNC) revealed that according to the first inquiries subjects on board two motorcycles They were responsible for shooting on the bus and directly at the driver’s compartment.

The subjects, according to the investigations, followed the bus for more than three kilometers, and when they were passing through the Centra Norte bridge, almost entering the parking lot of the bus company, They attacked him with bullets until he died.

They fired several times, until he was killed. The bus, the pilot of which was already badly injured, went out of control and crashed with a concrete wall. The rescue forces were informed about the incident and moved to the spot.

Information from the police indicates that a group of gang members, of the Barrio 18 cliqueto work in the sector, and they were looking out for this company to collect extortion from them.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP) indicated that he could not provide details on whether the company had filed a complaint or filed a complaint related to extortion.

“The specialized prosecutor’s office indicated that this information cannot be provided, due to the protection of the complaint and the potential risks involved in disclosing this type of information,” said Pantaleon.

The Prosecutor in Crimes against Life and Integrity of Persons of the MP who is currently in charge of investigating the case.

“The prosecutor’s team and the criminal investigation technicians processed the scene, collected testimonial statements and the cameras were located in the place, which may help identify those responsible,” Pantaleon said.

Elements of the Municipal and Volunteer Firefighters arrived at the scene, but were unable to do anything further to save Pineda Rivas’ life. Relatives also came to the scene of the crime, who recognized him.

Dramatic moments ensued before the MP processed the scene. Relatives credited him for the tragedy.

Pineda Rivas had more than 20 years piloting buses. In social networks, his relatives emphasize the professionalism, enthusiasm and kindness with which he worked. Families and friends demand justice.

The company published a note on its social networks where it regrets his death the tragic driver.

This is the second armed attack against this company. The first happened on May 15 at almost the same point, near the Litegua bus park in Guatemala City.

Then armed, and on a motorcycle, they shot at a parked unit. There were no injuries, just the bus with bullet holes.

The Ombudsman for Public Transport Users of the Ombudsman for Human Rights (PDH), Edgar Guerra, regret the event and explained many transport companies they were “often obliged to pay extortion to prevent them from injuring their workmen.”

He pointed out that routes traveling along the south coast and the Atlantic are the target of attacks by suspected gang members. According to War, several transport companies that travel to the east of the country they had to hire private security to protect themselves from criminals.

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