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AMD works with Microsoft to optimize the Ryzen AI module included in 7040 processors

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The IS Artificial intelligence recently present on any devicebut in order to take advantage of this technology it is ideal for the software support of these companies. This is the case new AMD Ryzen 7040 processors for laptopsincluding a a special module for AI called AMD Ryzen AI, which is able to perform tasks related to artificial intelligence that would cost more effort on a CPU or GPU. But for get the most out of this module, AMD is working with Microsoft to bring better compatibility with Windows 11.

If you have one of these new AMD Ryzen 7000 processors that include AMD Ryzen AI, you’ll soon be able to More benefits when working with Windows 11. AMD Ryzen AI now supports Windows Studio Effects for effects, automatic framing, and even provide advanced background effects with Windows 11. With this you will be able to enhance your video calls in conjunction with Windows Studio effects, which are enabled by machine learning algorithms and require NPU to work better.

In order to continue working and expanding the capabilities of this AMD Ryzen AI, the company offering early support for Windows developers to offer other types of tasks that benefit from AI and this new module included in AMD Ryzen 7040 processors. The options available to take better advantage of this module they will come soonexpanding over time to limitless possibilities integrated with the most used operating system together with compatible AMD Ryzen processors.

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