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UNE synergizes with Health Life Clinic. Download the cooperation agreement

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In a protocol action held on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, the Universidad del Noreste celebrated the signing of an inter-institutional agreement with Health Life Clinic.

To formalize this new commitment, the LTF met as an invited entity. Leslie Elisa Ávila Casanova, legal representative of the aforementioned clinic and LTF Herón Prince Gutiérrez, clinical director.

On behalf of the UNE, Dr. José Luis García Galaviz, Director of the Health Sciences Area and Dr. Jacinto Manuel Sánchez Clemente, Director of the Degree in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

In a review of Health Life Clinic, it was highlighted that it is a physical rehabilitation clinic specialized in the treatment and care of the human body based on scientific evidence and the ongoing research of its founders. One of its objectives is to maintain continuous training between itself and external ones, as well as to support clinics and health centers based on the experience that said clinic is receiving.

The purpose of this agreement is for the HL Clinic to offer certifications and workshops to the students of this institution, but also to add this sector to participate in social and professional service practices.

It is worth mentioning that this new agreement was reached thanks to the work and rapprochement carried out by the UNE Linkage and Innovation Management, which is headed by Mtro. David Gallegos Ramirez.

After the signing of the document, the representatives of the Health Life Clinic were happy and grateful for the synergy with the Universidad del Noreste, and they also said that they were sure to develop important projects together.

Afterwards, Dr. highlighted García Galaviz that they are confident that this relationship will be successful because the clinical areas offered by HL Life Clinic will be a great support for the students’ learning.

Finally, Dr. Sánchez Clemente pointed out that collaboration with young professionals who have high expectations to serve the community is positive for UNE and society in general, since the population requires physical therapy services every day and rehabilitation.

For the Universidad del Noreste, a fundamental part of our mission as a house of study is to build links with institutions that, in addition to providing benefits to students, help to support society in general.

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