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The tragic life of Anna Nicole Smith

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As a child I loved the dream be famous And he got it. Anna Nicole Smith – Her name was Vickie Lynn Hogan – she was born in a small town houston where there wasn’t much else to do but look at the scenery and get bored. She wanted to run away from home because she claimed that her mother, Virgie, he gave some great beats and he tied it with the bows of his work as sheriff. dropped out of high school and he worked as a waiter for several years in a fast food restaurant where a she met her husband Billy Wayne Smith, with whom he had his share son of Daniel in 1986.

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At all costs he wanted to get away from his environment. before dream of being famous. But I felt I had a disadvantage, that she was fair chested. After putting on prosthesis started a spiral of destruction because after the operation it began to be addicted to painkillers

He understands that he had to protect his offspring, he began to work in a strip club where he made thousands of dollars in a few weeks and where he met the billionaire J Howard Marshall, more than six decades older than her. He left that job to him. he bought a big house and spent millions of dollars on jewelry and clothing. At first she refused to marry him “because I want to earn my own money so they don’t think I’m a gold digger”, but she gave in to the man’s wishes. getting married in June 1994.

The former player and his lawyer. GTRES

He did it because he had achieved success. After sending some Photos of Hugh Hefner of charge. . owner Playboy she did the Playmate May 1992. That cover was the award for success. Overnight he came to world famous through its exclusive contract with Guess whatcampaigning for H&M, Peter Lindbergh I photographed her for Marie Claireproducers of holly they raided her to participate in films (The big jump, Grab It Any Way You Can 33: The Final Insult) and numerous nights out They reported real luck to the paparazzi.

A little over a year after their connection, The tycoon died. From that moment began a a judicial fight with one of the children Howard to control the estate, which amounted to approx €1.6 billion in which American television with live links turned upside down. At the start a judge awarded him 400 million dollars, but after successive reviews of the case, the latter magistrate ruled it had nothing to do with it.

His son Daniel died at the age of 20 years. GTRES

Parallel to that circus, Anna Nicole’s health began to deteriorate. He gained more than 30 kilos and his addiction with increasing medications. He mixed lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, Topamax, Benadryl, klonopin and methadone, the latter supplied illegally by a doctor friend of his. He did not neglect his son at all, which he claimed affection and protection. In interviews he lied about his origins. he recreated his childhood copying details of sexual abuse, abuse and poverty from his close friend and lover Missy, whom he met at the strip and talked to continuously his mother is sick “My daughter, why do you always talk about bad things?” repeated Virgie, and Nicole replied: “Because The bad always sells. They pay me a lot more.” This is what is shown in the Neftlix documentary Anna Nicole Smith: You don’t know me.

To accomplish that an emotional debacle He was reunited with his biological father after twenty-odd years without knowing anything about him and with one of his brothers. That overdose of happiness didn’t last long your parent tried to sexually abuse you her often. She always wanted to give Daniel a little sister, which came true in September 2006 when Dannielynn was born in the Bahamas, where he withdrew to try to start from scratch. Several fathers immediately emerged, including Howard K. Stern – his lawyer -, Larry Birkhead – photographer -, Alexander Denk – his bodyguard – and even Prince Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband at the time .

The joy of having a girl died a few hours ago His son Daniel died in the same hospital aged 20. after accidentally combining methadone with antidepressants. During the funeral, Anna Nicole he tried to throw himself into the hole with the coffin. On February 8, 2007, she was found dead in his hotel room in Florida. The autopsy showed that it was a accidental drug overdose. DNA ruled that Dannielynn’s biological father was Larry Birkhead, who inherited nothing after much courtship. Anna Nicole was 39 years old.

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