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The curse of the movie: The Casiraghi brothers turn Monaco into a Game of Thrones

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The IS

Grimaldi family history free, It’s full of it

tragic deaths, sudden divorces and

paternity claims they are not done with headlines. Many say that the call has driven family members ”

Curse of the Grimaldi», since the foundation of the dynasty 700 years ago. A story halfway between Game of Thrones and The Promised Crown.

According to this curse,

Grimaldi’s marriage would not be happy. The spelling seems to have caught on, in the 20th century,

Caroline of Monacoseparated from Ernesto de Hannover for over ten years and who tragically lost the love of his life ie.

Stefano Casiraghiin a sea accident, and Prince Albert, who married a South African swimmer

Charlene Wistock been under suspicion from the start, though

the marriage of Rainier and Grace Kelly it was apparently a fairy tale.

However, the

A new generation of Grimaldi not only does she seem to be out of touch with these legends, but she has decided to turn them into a movie. The idea came from Andrea Casiraghi, the eldest son of Princess Carolina and Stefano Casiraghi. Andrea began to take an interest in her ancestors and was very interested in the number of stories hidden in their annals. He then went with his brother Pierre and his wife, Beatrice Borromeo, and his brother-in-law, Dimitri Rassam, a film producer, to

turn legends into a movie.

Monaco, the Rock: this is the film about Grimaldi performed by Beatrice Borromeo, Pierre and Andrea Casiraghi

According to Variety magazine, they will make the first installment, titled

Monaco: the Rock, through the production company Astrea Films, created by Beatrice Borromeo in 2018, and of which Pierre and Andrea are also partners. The story of this first film

he will focus on Francisco Grimaldi, the Malianwho won the Rock in 1297, disguised as a monk and murdered all its inhabitants.

Then, according to Variety, more installments would come about other episodes of the dynasty. The production company Pathé, one of the most important in France, and Chapter2, which belongs

Dimitri Rassam, husband of Charlotte Casiraghi and son of actress Carole Bouquet.

The Grimaldis family was interested when hundreds of ancient documents were discovered that they asked

all the legends that surrounded the family at the beginning of the Middle Ages. Rassam expressed his interest in Grimaldi’s story.

“I thought I knew her, but it turns out I’d only scratched the surface.

It is pure epicwith stories of family, adventure and intrigue,” Rassam told the magazine. «The true story of the founding of Monaco seven hundred years ago is one of the most fascinating stories I have had the opportunity to discover thanks to

initiative of Beatrice, Andrea and Pierre».

The Casiraghi brothers at the Ball of the Rose. /


Other versions assert that the curse was born when

kidnapping and rape of a young witch by a family member seeking revenge. The curse is thought to have had renewed vigor in 1515 when Claudine of Monaco warned, on her deathbed, that Grimaldi should never have any alliance with a foreign power to rule.

The first chapters are far from the contemporary tragedies that shook the family, such as the death of Grace Kelly in 1982, after a marriage that had held the imagination of different generations.

The project is currently in the production phase, and it looks like it is

the film will be shot in the middle of next year. The new franchise “The Three Musketeers” by Pathè has already been produced by the production company Rassam, and the company founded by Beatrice Borromeo has an Amazon Prime series called “Bang bang baby.”

was already

film, Grace of Monacodirected, in 2014, by Olivier Dahan and starring Nicole Kidman, which told the story of Grace Kelly’s first years as a princess, but

did not like not at all for Grimaldi, who tried to keep it from reaching the screens. Now the family wants to focus on their most remote history to tell their own story.

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