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surprise with a great tattoo on his arm and a new hairstyle

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Jennifer Lopez victory again in his aspect as an actor thanks to that Mother. Her female-only version of John Wick is one of Netflix’s biggest hits in recent years. A Jason Bourne-style action story with dramatic words that seeks to keep the audience glued to the sofa, between shootings, hand-to-hand combat scenes, and explosions. But it should be noted how, at 53 years of age, The figure shines as a belly mark in the filmwhere he surprises us all.

But now, during the filming of the new movie that is being shot, ‘Unstoppable’, a photo of Jennifer López with a new look and hair color went viral. The actress left her hair blonde with highlights and turned it dark brown, leaving her hair long and slightly messy.

Amazing new tattoo

But what undoubtedly caused more commotion in social networks The tattoo is amazing that looks of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the upper part of his right hand, which is very similar to the drawing of a cross that Ben also carries on his right hand. Although there was speculation that it could be another tattoo in collaboration with her husband, the story is quite the opposite, as it was a fake design that the actress had to capture on her arm for her character new in the film Unstoppable, a tape produced by Ben Affleck and his friend, Matt Damon.

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