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MOE-Gt comments are concerned how the prosecution of election cases can affect the integrity and legitimacy of voting

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The Guatemalan Electoral Observation Mission (MOE-Gt) published on May 23 that it is concerned about the increasing judgment of the electoral process in Guatemala and states that the elections are: “the last prop of our democracy.”

In a statement issued on May 23, the MOE-Gt explains that they are very concerned about the course of the electoral process, which they consider immersed in growing irregularities and judgement, “which could lead to the total loss of integrity and lead to judgments. Legitimacy what is so far the only thing sustaining our fragile Guatemalan democracy”.

The document indicates that the critical moment in which the country is able, regardless of the outcome of the pending judicial resolutions, “has been avoided and we have reached it because of the irresponsibility of political parties that do not comply with the requirements of the laws . and electoral authorities who have failed to fulfill their obligations”.

They declare that they saw in the current process the dysfunction of the entities in charge of guaranteeing the Rule of Law, protecting the exercise of civil liberties and meeting the needs that allow the effective and efficient functioning of society.

The state is under threat

“The State of Guatemala is threatened by groups that are gradually undermining the foundations of the republic and participatory democracy. Today it is superfluous to talk about the ongoing political crisis in Guatemala, because we find a lot of evidence that the institutions established to protect citizens are a threat to them,” the statement read.

He also says that the MOE-Gt has repeatedly shown anomalies in which various cases of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) are incurred, such as acquisition errors, differentiated requests for criteria to accept or reject candidates, administrative deficiencies that delay actions and on organizational decisions. which undermines transparency and access to key information in a democratic electoral process.

Add to that, the impact it has on the increase in social conflict in the country.

“As MOE-Gt we warn society about the consequences that must be resolved through the courts what is resolved in a democratic system in free, transparent, multiple and competitive elections. Curbing these characteristics will destroy the last prop that sustains our fragile democracy,” the statement concluded.

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