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Melissa McCarthy (‘The Little Mermaid’) reveals that a film crew made her “physically ill” because of her hostile environment.

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    Melissa McCarthy has stepped into the skin of Ursula, the ugly witch of the oceans, for the new adaptation live action of’The Little Mermaid‘. However, her monstrous aspect is something she leaves only for her characters, since the actress was recently suggested as a partner for the main character of the film, Halle Bailey.

    Despite the fact that he was a support for the young actor, as Bailey recently recognized The Independent, McCarthy’s experiences on film sets have not always been so positive.

    Talking to The Observerthe actress admitted that she was sick during her time working in a toxic environment, which left several cast and crew members in tears.

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    This experience taught McCarthy to stand up to this type of behavior and speak up for a healthy work environment.

    I once worked for someone who ran a series so volatile and hostile it made me physically sick,” said the actor. “My eyes were swelling, I was absorbing all that madness.”

    People were crying, it was obvious how upset they were because of this person,” he continued to add. “I think that’s why his manipulation worked, because to get me this person fired people he liked, so I kept quiet. It was very effective.”

    “Until one day I said: ‘Well, this ends here. He kept telling everyone it was over. To this day I know I will never stop again.”

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    McCarthy is now facing the theatrical release of his first Disney musical. Afterwards, he will return to his usual work with a Christmas-themed comedy entitled ‘Peacock’.

    It’s a real struggle trying to do comedy right now. I don’t know why, because we didn’t have to laugh as much as we do now,” he also said that The Observer. “Humor allows you to sit next to someone you don’t share ideas with and maybe walk away with a slightly closer connection. I think that’s my purpose in this life.”

    “I can’t do many useful things. I don’t know how to clean the oceans or stop violent tendencies. With a bit of luck, I might find someone who had a bad day to spend an hour and a half in another world. where there are no bills, no sickness in your mind all the time,” he said.

    That’s really the only ability I have. So I have to keep trying.” the interpreter finished.

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