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Max Alexander, the 7-year-old boy who designs clothes for celebrities and has already dressed Sharon Stone – Story of the day

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You either have talent or you don’t, and some people develop it at a young age and others do it throughout their lives. But you also have to work on that talent to get what you want in the best possible way.

There are some people, motivated by a hobby, who do not give up in their efforts to find information and learn more about it and get down to work surprising family, friends and, in this case that we are telling you about , big Hollywood stars.

In this case, it is the fashion that attracted the attention of the main character of this story which he claims to have a real passion and which he spends all his time despite his youth.

so in ‘The story of the dayof Herrera in COPE We will tell you the story of a child who excels in sewing and design, although his whole life is ahead of him, many are already talking about the talent of this designer who leaves no one indifferent.

A great designer with only 7 years

Lives in The Angels and he says that he was in the other world gucci gucci, the great Italian designer. With this presentation he already expresses what he likes or what he does.

Is alexander maxa 7-year-old boy who became a reference for all famous people and a reference in the USA for his talent and taste when it comes to designing clothes.

Surprising as it may be, given his age, this kid has already done parades and even dressed up Sharon Stone. It is not surprising that for this reason he has millions of followers on his profile instagram.

Sahron Stone with the coat designed by baby Max Alexander (Instagram)

“Her big dream is to make people feel great,” she says proudly mother of Sherri Madison In an interview with the American magazine ‘People’s Magazine’.

How did little Max start designing clothes? What made you so passionate about fashion? If you were surprised at the age she already showed her own designs, you will be even more surprised when you hear at what age she asked her mother for a sewing machine.

Did Carlos Herrera offend his son Alberto?

Parents have a lot to do with this talent and hobby as many of the children follow their example. Like the one we see here, in ‘Herrera en COPE’, with Carlos Herrera and his son Alberto He follows in his father’s footsteps.

Something that the media take advantage of, sometimes, to make the most of their publications with headlines that make the communication itself laugh. Carlos Herrera’s warning to his son Alberto?

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