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Jarace Walker in the 2023 NBA Draft: Who is he, how does he play, profile, comparison, stats and highlights

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Usually, the candidate players to choose at the top of the nba draft They generate interest for their offensive and scoring skills. However, there are people who break with this trend and rightly so James Walkerinside though he has talents on the competitive side, excel mainly in defence.

After a Great rookie season in HoustonWalker prepares to jump into the nba and here we share his characteristics, stats and more, ahead of the Draft.

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Jarace Walker Profile

pos. Age Height Country Equipment
Inside 19 2.03 m United States of America Houston (NCAA)

Walker’s virtues and talents

Defense power. Walker is a midfielder without great height, but with excellent physical and athletic condition, who stands out on the defensive side. He was a key part of one of the best defenses in the NCAA with Houston and has everything to see on that side of the NBA, including that versatility that is much sought after in today’s basketball. He is able to be a defensive presence in the paint, with rebounds and blocks, but also score on the perimeter with speed and agility. He is also a physical and focused player.

Impossible in one vs. any. He allowed only 42% from the field in shots inside and had a great performance in individual defensive actions: he left his opponents in 31% from the field in those actions (the average for his position is 39%) and went inside to who scored fewer one-on-one conversions per minute.

Outline threat. In attack, what stands out the most today is his good hand for shooting threes: he converted one per game, with a correct success rate of 35%. He doesn’t have great shooting ability on the move, but he has confidence as a solid-footed 3-pointer.

Underrated as a passer. While not the highlight of his game, Walker is also an above-average passer (2.4 assists per 36 minutes). He’s a standout and team player, and he’s also contributed quite a bit in losses.

Walker’s faults and weaknesses

A small creation. Walker’s biggest and most obvious flaw is that he is neither a scorer nor a creator. In attack he added points in transition and as a consistent shooter, but he does not offer much when it comes to playing with the ball, especially with his back to the basket (slightly better attack from the front). He barely shot 36% from the field in individual creation plays, one of the worst marks in the Draft. His height (2.03 meters) seems to put a ceiling on his ability to be an elite scorer at the NBA level.

Doubt with the shot. As mentioned before, Walker has a good hand for the 3-pointer, but he is far from a specialist shooter. For example, he shot just 6 of 24 on 3-pointers from the corners and was 66% on free throws. He converted just 22 double-doubles from the paint in 36 games.

Jarace Walker in a play

Beyond what he does on offense, there’s no question that Walker’s biggest draw as an NBA project is on defense and his ability to defend on the perimeter and at the same time, take advantage of his long arms protect hoopeven when beaten off the dribble.

Jarace Walker Statistics in 2022-2023

General Statistics

Min. pts. Rev. So. Tap. before FG% 3P% FT%
27.6 11.2 6.8 1.8 1,3 1.0 46% 35% 66%

Statistical evaluation for the 2023 Draft

Then there is the Walker’s evaluation in four basic areascompared to the Other drafts for his postbased on statistical performance from last season. 100 means he had the best numbers in the Draft in that aspect, 50 is average, 0 was the worst and so on.

Creation It happens Shoot Protecting
12/100 66/100 81/100 91/100

NBA Comparison for Jarace Walker

That’s a comparison often heard around Walker Paul Millsapp, in his early years between Utah and Atlanta, as a short but strong foursome, with a good arm. Millsap is probably better on the ball and Walker is more powerful.

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