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Is LeBron James retiring? What he said about the possible end of his career in the Lakers and in the NBA

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As they say, when LeBron James speak raise the bread. And not for less. He has been the most important player for several generations, one of the five best ever and a media phenomenon in his own right. Therefore, if at any given time he makes some enigmatic, controversial or difficult to understand statements, alarm bells go off. That’s what happened after the Eliminate the Lakers at the hands of the Nuggets in the 2023 Playoffs where the Akron native left in the air the opportunity to withdraw.

Below are all his words, as well as the explanation of whether or not it would make sense to end his career soon.

What did LeBron James say about his possible retirement?

At the end of the fourth game when the Lakers were swept, the third time in a career lebron james, The star was asked about his future prospects. It was the expected question, the context demanded it, especially after the end of such a positive year that called for hope.

His answer to a question about the coming year caused dominoes to fall: “I haven’t even thought about next year. I don’t know.”

From there, a journalist decided to satisfy his curiosity, starting an exchange of words that opened the debate about whether the end of the star’s career is near:

  • Reporter: When you say you have to think about certain things, what thread should we draw?
  • lebron: Yes I want to continue playing.
  • Reporter: The next season?
  • lebron: Yes.
  • Reporter: Are you going to quit?
  • lebron: I have to think about it.

Beyond the tweet that went viral with these remarks, James left other words about his future:

“I love playing this game. I love competing. I love being there for my teammates.

For me, it’s about being available to myself and keeping my mind awake, being present on the field, in the locker room and on the track. It is challenging. It’s definitely challenging. It was a very challenging season for me.

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