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How many NBA titles has Denver won? The history of the Nuggets in the Finals

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Oh created in the 1967-1968 season of the ABA, at that time with the name Denver Rockets, known today Denver buttons that was an unattainable goalat least so far: win a title.

They did not succeed in the now defunct league – which ceased to exist in 1976 – much less in came into the NBA, from the 1976-1977 campaign.

The Colorado Franchise takes a look to break that streak in 2022-2023by the two-time MVP Nikola Jokicplus the scoring talent of Jamal Murray and an excellent group of complementary players. Will they be able to do what no one else has been able to do with them in the last five decades?

How many titles and Finals do the Denver Nuggets have in their history?

Not only have the Nuggets ever won an NBA title, but also they have never played a Finalwhich will change in 2023, after sweep the Los Angeles Lakers in the definition of the Western Conference.

Before this campaign, it was fell on the four occasions that they reached the Conference Finals: 4-1 against the Lakers in 2020, 4-2 against the Angelenos themselves in 2009, 4-1 again against the Lakers in 1985 and 4-2 against the SuperSonics in 1978.

denver place he got to play in the Finals he was in the ABA, precisely in the last season (1975-1976) before the merger with the NBA. Those led then Larry Brownwith David Thompson and Dan Issell As stars, they beat the Kentucky Colonels 4-3 in the Semis, to then fall in the definition against Julius Erving’s New York Nets, 4-2.

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