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Helen Mirren with blue hair, Jennifer Lawrence in flip-flops and other atypical looks of celebrities in Cannes

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he cannes film festivalthe event in which cinema and fashion shaking hands, he surprised us again with show a glamorous look and in some cases, nothing traditional. From the hair, to the shoes, to the dresses, every occasion is good for celebrities to bring out their most unconventional side.

he cannes film festival The event par excellence is the cinema, because every year some of the most talked about films are released. In her 74 years, the red carpet in Cannes does not disappoint in its offering to us looks unforgettable and in some cases, atypical… The festival recognizes talent in the cinematographic world, as well as courage and daring in the chosen outfits, which is why, in a way, celebrities are expected give the note Although it is true that we get a display of looks in the purest Hollywood style, of course cat blanchett in a black and white dress Louis Vuitton; there are others in which the creativity and the innovation they have won the game to the most classical standards.

Helen Mirren at Cannes Getty

Helen Mirren, ‘full blue’

Helen Mirren surprise sa opening ceremony with a funny look and nothing ordinary: a dress with a train on the back and a V-neckline, which she accessorized with silver sandals and a black fan. Without a doubt, it was his highlight hair, dyed blue (in the same tone as the dress and hand) and collected in bow with hairpin recalled the Y2K style. The 77-year-old actress has shown that age shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to styling and she didn’t hesitate to join the trend ‘mermaid’, with a look worthy of a mermaid.

Julia Fox at Cannes Getty

Julia Fox, looks to melt

The model, called for wear Looks out of the ordinary (like a top made with condoms or some underpants and nothing else), she left us speechless again with her large unusual outfit with which she attended the 25th anniversary of Art of Elysium “Pardis”. The design in question: a corset top of Cameron Hancock completely transparent which created the illusion of being melting, accompanied by a white puffed double skirt. With a controversial style, Julia Fox He showed again why he is one of the most anticipated at popular and events.

Magalie Lépine-Blondeau and Monia Chokri at Cannes Gtres

Monia Chokri, in a ‘cut out’ dress

The Canadian actor chose a fitted skin colored dress and ‘cut out’ in the belly button, with which she stood by the photograph of him ‘The Nature of Love’, The design, semi-transparent and with sleeves that covered his hands like mittens.

Monia Chokri Gtres

Look behind it

Under the dress you can mean high rise body suit, in the eighties-inspired and sleeveless, the actress showed off her figure.

Jennifer Lawrence in Cannes Girls

Jennifer Lawrence, goodbye

Jennifer Lawrence looked great on the red carpet in Cannes, where she attended as a guest for the premiere ‘Anatomy of a Fall’. However, no one noticed secret which was hidden under the skirt of her red dress Dior, a company for which she has been an ambassador for several years, until we saw how she went down the stairs… The actress chose unusual footwear for this type of event, some flip-flops! The reason? You definitely want to avoid it stumbles like the one who suffered in the Oscars 2013, when she went up to collect the award for ‘The good side of things’, also dressed in Dior.

Emmanuelle Measure at Cannes Getty

Emmanuelle Béart, wearing a hat

To go to the opening ceremony, chose the French actor two pieces: white jacket and flowing black pants. The striking thing about this look is the wide brimmed hat, also in black, with the Emmanuelle Béart stood out above the other attendees.

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