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Vectra Angels brings skin care for dogs and cats with dermatological problems closer to ATVs

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Ceva Animal Health positioned as the main ally of an essential group for the veterinary clinic: the ATV. Therefore, and framed in his project Angel Vectraencourages the veterinary assistants continue training to improve their daily work and sponsors the course ‘Skin Care for Dogs and Cats with Dermatological Problems’, organized by the Spanish Association of Veterinary Specialists in Small Animals (Avepa).

To participate in the training, ATVs do not want to pass up the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge there Skin care Pets should contact their Ceva Salud Animal area representative.

The training includes the participation of two leaders in the field of veterinary dermatology Laura Navarrocollaborator of the Dermatology Service of the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Zaragoza, and Matt Greenprofessor of Animal Medicine and Surgery and head of the Dermatology Service of the hospital in Zaragoza.

The course will take place from June 1 to 29, 2023. Participants will have access to teacher forums get support and resolve doubts, and also all the materials will be available until August 31.

The teachers will focus on the characteristics of the skin in dogs and catsits function as a protective barrier and the use of dermatopic products. The training will be highly practicalwith numerous and illustrative images and clinical cases that will show how to apply the knowledge gained from the first day in the clinic.

The course consists of approx. 6-8 hours of instructionand will be awarded 6 times accredited by Avepa. “If you are interested in attending this course and getting more information, contact the Ceva Salud Animal area representative”, they encourage from the company.


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