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The province is already winning a new edition of the Missionary Sports Games

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The 2023 Missionary Sports Games will begin in June with the participation of girls, boys, young people and the elderly from all over the province and will conclude between August and September with provincial representation in the National Finals of each modality.

The multi-sport and comprehensive competition organized by the provincial Ministry of Sports offers the Youth (10 to 17 years), Adapted (10 to 18 years), Urban (10 to 18 years) and Seniors (from 60) modalities. year) together. ).

“It is an important program because we work with the 78 municipalities and that means that all the people who participate usually wait for the Missionary Games because they want to compete here, they show great belonging and they are looking for a place to represent us. after that, and put it on the shirt of the province, in the Evita National Games”, the Minister of Sports, Javier Corti, expressed during a conference offered today to anticipate the details of this year’s competition.

In the presentation before the media of the capital, the Undersecretary of Training and Sports Development, Marcelo Caso; undersecretary of Martial Arts and Combat Sports, Alicia Zalesak; the Undersecretary for Representation and High Performance, Miguel Seró; director of the Elderly, Marcela Magnasco; and Adapted Sports coordinator, Noelia Olivera, areas that interact in the organization of the competition, and the wrestling athlete, Ricardo Báez.

There is community participation, except for handball (under 14) which is in School mode. Participants can represent clubs, sports schools, non-governmental organizations, communities, municipalities, public or private educational institutions, trade unions, among others.

In order to participate in the Games, in both team and individual sports in any of the detailed rules, the first point of contact is the Sports area of ​​each municipality. To access more information or manage registration, interested teams and athletes can contact the email juegosdeportivosmisioneros@gmail.com and/or WhatsApp 3765165761 (from 8 am to 1 pm)
The Local phase will begin in June in all municipalities in the province; Meanwhile, the Provincial Finals will take place throughout August and until the first week of September.

The main novelty for this edition is that many disciplines will be incorporated, out of a total of 63 among the detailed rules. Archery will be featured among the adapted sports – for people with disabilities -. The Youth will see the addition of Women’s 11 Soccer, Padel, Triathlon, Men’s Figure Skating and a strong urban track incorporating freestyle BMX, Breaking, Freestyle and Parkour.

To demonstrate the importance of the Sports Missionary Games, it must be mentioned that they are the previous step to the Evita National Games. That is, in order to reach the national final for any of the modalities, the athletes must have competed in previous Missionary Sports Games in pursuit of classification.
This year, the organization scheduled the national finals of the Evita Games under the following schedule: Urban, August 29 to September 2 in Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires; Seniors, September 8 to 12 at Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero; Adolescents and Adaptants, 25 to 30 September in Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires.
The Mission Sports Games is an inclusive federal competition that unites and provides opportunities for participants from all over the province, with the aim of generating belonging and promoting the values ​​of sport, such as fairness, respect , solidarity, teamwork, friendship, effort and joy, among others.

– Adapted sports
athletics, Badminton, Basketball 3×3, Boccia, Soccer 3, Volleyball, Swimming, Powerlifting, Tennis, Table Tennis, Archery, Sitting Volleyball.
-Urban Sports
Chess, 3×3 Basketball, Climbing, Skating, BMX Freestyle, Break, Freestyle and Parkour
– Sports Seniors
Chess, Newcom, Sapo, Tejo, Table Tennis, Padel, Orienteering and Trick.

– Youth Disciplines
Aquathlon, Athletics, Badminton, 5×5 Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Fencing, 11-a-side Soccer, Mixed 7-a-side Soccer, Futsal, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline Gymnastics, Handball School, Beach Handball, Handball, Hockey 7, Judo, Karate, Olympic Lifting, Wrestling, Swimming (not combined), Artistic Swimming, Optimist, Padel, Figure Skating (female and male), Skate Racing, Paddle Ball, Rugby, Taekwondo, Tennis, Table Tennis, Shooting, Archery, Triathlon, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Windsurfing.

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