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Samuel García announcing the arrival of Foxconn to Nuevo-León| Newscast Mexico

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Governor of Nuevo Leon, samuel garciahe announced during his work trip to Taiwan, that he will arrive soon Foxconn Technology Group for the state.

Through his social networks, the president of the state also hoped that the investment of another global investor could beor Apple Inc. without giving enough details.

“Because we don’t know the word impossible, we will bring great technologies to the state…Foxconn Technology Group will be one of those.

“Did you know… Foxconn is one of the main manufacturers of electronic products such as: mobile phones, computers, tablets, televisions and others,” he said on his Twitter account.

On Instagram, García Sepúlveda announced that another holding company, founded by the late magnate, Steve Jobs could settle in Nuevo León.

“Your wishes are orders, Nuevo León, 97 percent (of reaching) NL?” said the governor, including the apple logo that identifies a US technology company that designs and produces electronic equipment, software and services in accordance.

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Samuel García seeks to attract more Korean investment to Nuevo León

On the sixth day of a working trip around the Asian country, Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda announced that he will be looking for more Korean companies to invest in the State of Nuevo León.

Along with ivan rivasSecretary of Economy in the entity, he met with executives from Sedong, an industrial machinery manufacturing company, and Asia Technology, a high-tech company specializing in the production of advanced electronic materials and devices.

During the day they also met with Hydrol heavy machinery company; Drivertech Co., of automotive safety technology; DNA Motors which produces high quality electric vehicles, as well as Panasia Ltd and Bokju Company, a plastic and rubber products company.


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