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Peru declares Mexican president “persona non grata”

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According to the Peruvian congress, López Obrador was the star of various interferences in the internal affairs of the South American country and branded President Dina Boluarte as a usurper.

  • After learning of Peru’s decision, Obrador described him as “proud”.

The Foreign Relations Commission confirmed the Peruvian Congress persona non grata The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for alleged interference in Peru’s internal affairs.

The motion received 11 votes in favor, one against and three abstentions from the members of the working group chaired by the conservative legislator María del Carmen Alva.

Congressmen describe López Obrador’s remarks as “unacceptable” when asked President Dina Boluarte to usurper.

These statements consist of a breach of the principle of non-interference by another State.

In addition, the Mexican president violates his legal obligations under the Pacific Alliance framework agreement by refusing to hand over the presidency to Peru pro tempore of that mechanism, they added.

In this regard, López Obrador insists on the reinstatement of President Pedro Castillo, who was suddenly replaced by the Peruvian right and imprisoned last December.

Lawmakers also accuse AMLO of doing it repeated public statements about Peru loaded with interference, irresponsible false and ideological.

In that sense, the motion also urges the Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs to take the necessary actions and not allowing you to enter the national territory.

Last February the Congress of Peru also declared persona non grata to the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, do qualify of “Nazis against their people” actions of the police in that country.

After learning of Peru’s decision, Obrador described it as “to be proud”, although it was not a “correct” arrangement.

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