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NOT COOL BETTER: Harry and Meghan from Sussex are already universally disliked

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Meghan and Harry from Sussex cross your

worst moment of popularity. But not in the United Kingdom, where it is already more than ousted. There is i

United States of America where the crisis is produced the

paparazzi chase incident it is becoming a serious problem for their business interests.

Famous analysts have turned against him. From The New York Times to Page Six, the American media has specialized in celebrities

put a question on events. The most serious newspapers and the sensationalists come to the same conclusion:

it wasn’t that bad. All the information they have gathered during the weekend reveals the trend of the

Prince Henry of England and

Meghan Markle to overacting. exactly what they are criticized for so much in the United Kingdom.

They were not the first to raise doubts about the most controversial royal couple. Prophetess or cloth connoisseur? More perhaps the latter than the former.

Angela Levinauthor of the book Harry: Conversations With The Prince, which came out in 2018, has been widely used in

Against the Duke of Sussexbut his tirades had more than a basis.

Why Harry’s Official Biographies are against him

In an article published by Tatler in 2020, he suggested the following: “What will Harry do when Meghan establishes her celebrity status? Take her bag?». Days before the Coronation of Carlos III, on the GB News chain, he declared that “he is making things up, he is desperate, he is looking for headlines” and described the marriage as “disgraceful.”

Lady Collin Campbell, the first biographer of Diana of Great Britain, Mujerhoy also recently declared that despite everything, Prince Charles invited Harry to his coronation because he loves his son. But it emphasized the inappropriate attitude of the Sussexes and

the jealousy that harry He has his brother Guillermo.

Harry and Meghan, the night of the chase. /


The last episode that seems to confirm these theories is the

alleged paparazzi hunt in New York. He told with rhetoric that he seemed to be trying to match the one his mother was living through,

Diana of Wales, with her partner Dodi Al-Fayedwhen he died in a fatal traffic accident on the Soul Bridge in Paris on 31 August 1997.

First the news was made public with

the Sussexes version, but it only took a few hours before it dropped like a sugar cube. “This relentless pursuit, which lasted for more than two hours, resulted in numerous subsequent collisions involving other drivers on the road, pedestrians, and two NYPD officers,” said a spokesperson for the couple.

Harry, Meghan and their mother,

Doria Raglandthey left the Ziegfeld Theater in New York, where they had come to attend the

Women of Video Awards. But they were not up to the task of putting the photographers who were waiting for them outside. And what, from his point of view, turned into a really rough chase was a follow-up of less than an hour and the emergency phone was not called to report any accident.

The evidence that contradicts your version

The impact was so great that it was very

nipd He immediately issued a statement to deny it: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have arrived at their destination and there have been no reported collisions, citations, injuries or arrests.”

The New York Times contacted several paparazzi who pointed out that the attitude of the Sussexes, not to enter through the front door to avoid being photographed, was giving their pictures more market value. In a photocall it wouldn’t be more than, maybe, 100 dollars.


The best evidence is that of the taxi driver which took them to their destination. In statements to the Washington Post, he confirmed that at no time did he feel they were being followed or in danger, that Harry was recording images with his mobile phone and that Meghan and the prince were “quiet and seemed to be fear them, but this. New York.”

The Sussexes, that is

face in court with the British tabloid press, they still did not resist this public backlash and demanded from the Backgrid news agency all the photos and videos that their workers could capture.

But the answer to

Harry and Meghan’s legal team He could not be stronger: « In the United States, as you know, the property belongs to the owner of the property: third parties cannot demand that it be delivered, as kings can do. Perhaps you should sit down with your client and tell him that this country long ago rejected the English rules of royal prerogatives requiring citizens to surrender their property to the Crown. We support our founding fathers.”

Why do they start hating them in the United States?


prince harry and megan they seemed to win the favor of the American public, especially for the great friendship they had with the personalities of the American people

African American community with a huge global reputation. At the start,

Tyler Perrymovie and entertainment magnate, which they called one of their mansions in Los Angeles when they decided to leave the United Kingdom and get rid of their obligations in the British royal family.

They lived there until they bought theirs

Mansion in montecito and in gratitude for his support, they made him a father

his daughter Lilibet Diana. The second,

Oprah Winfreyone of the most famous journalists in the United States and attended them on a platter of interviews that went around the world in which they accused, among other things, the British royal family of being racist, because they were concerned about the

the color of his son Archie’s skinalthough they never revealed who would ask them this question.

Meghan Markle in green. /


During all this time, Harry has been a best seller

his memoirs, Spare, in which he gave a worthy account of his people. Some people interpreted it as a maneuver to ask for more security and protection and others as a

complete recklessness That could cost you a lot.

Be that as it may, the

Popular Sussexes like being on the decline in recent months after serious blunders like the p

a dare that was made on Forest Day, on November 11, 2020, to counter-register the British royal family. For those photos, fake stolen or consensual poses, as you prefer, they hired a fashion photographer,

Lee Morgan, Regular Vogue, or businesses like Adidas.

Empire of the Sussexes

During these three years, the Sussexes signed

millionaires contractsbut his image has deteriorated to such an extent that Prince Charles and his staff seriously considered what should be done with the wedding before the Coronation.

Finally, at the

Harry attended the coronation, completely removed from the actions and as one more audience, and Meghan used as an excuse that she had to celebrate the birthday of Archie, her firstborn. Harry hurried out of Westminster Abbey and made his way to the airport on the eleven o’clock flight to Los Angeles. Like not to miss the

Archie celebrated four yearsbut that is the harsh reality

I was not invited to the Buckingham balcony with the rest of his family, because he was deprived of any institutional role.

Kate Middleton, the most popular in the United States

In a survey published by Ipsos Mori days after the publication of Harry’s memoirs, ordered in the United States l

Kate Middleton was the most popular of Windsor’s youth, with 47%, followed by her husband, Prince William, with 40% and Meghan with 35%. To do this, they asked 916 adults between 10 and 11 January, when the publication of the memories for the whole family had already caused great damage to their reputation.

One of the highly anticipated events was the MET Gala. According to some sources,

they were not invitedalthough others claim that their proximity to the coronation and family scandals meant that it was not very suitable for them to be seen at this year’s lavish party honoring Karl Lagerfeld.

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