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Kunno is trending in social networks after being seen with an expensive outfit

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OROne of the characters with the most virality in networks is undoubtedly Kunno, who has gone from having statements and fights in networks to showing his new look and luxurious wardrobe, which was commented on in his profiles.

Kunno became a trend for her appearance in networks

It was three videos shared by the tiktoker Daniel Borja, where the model showed his outfit, according to him in “buchón” style, which cost him a total of 66 thousand pesos.

Borja asked him: “How much does your suit cost?”, and, between laughs, Kunno answered: “I don’t know.”

So, the tiktoker started with his shirt. “The shirt is Diesel and it cost me about 9,000 pesos, but they are my birthday gifts, I gave them to myself for my birthday, they are sweet,” explained the influential player.

About his pants, he said: “Today we came to Diesel cool because they told me that the place was buchon, and the only buchon I have is this, the pants cost about 12 A thousand pesos, something humble.”

“Hey, what about shoes?” Daniel wanted to know, and Kunno said: “They are also Diesel, there are about 7 miles, don’t worry.”

From her ear, she pointed out: “Among all it is about 8 thousand, it is that they are Pandora, but they are gifts.” And about the three bracelets she was wearing, she calculated about 10 in a thousand pesos each.

“30 thousand pesos in each of the three?” said the surprised tiktoker. “Humble and the cheese,” said the model also.

After knowing the value of Kunno’s outfit, 66 thousand pesos in total, Daniel Borjas complimented him: “You look very good.”

It should be noted that the video, which currently has 2.3 million views on TikTok and more than 209,000 likes, generated thousands of reactions from other users of the platform, most of them positive, for example:

“Is it me or does Kunno already like him?”, “I think he was misjudged all this time, in the end he knew how to take advantage of his fame, that’s all”, “So god” , “I love his smile. … He feels sorry”, “A collaboration that no one expected”, “Kunno started with a video that I like”, “Kunno’s smile makes me smile”, “He looks amazing ” and “Kunno has already changed”.

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