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Karely Ruiz declares she is single and ends her relationship with the Santa Fe Klan

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LUndoubtedly the relationship between Karely Ruiz and the Santa Fe Klan was very controversial but it also ended very soon, since the singer has already resumed his career without the Onlyfans model in his publications, which has not been well received by the platform star. .

On May 18, the rapper premiered “No Te Metas” in collaboration with El Millonario, the first single that does not feature Karely, following a media scandal in which he was accused of abandoning his family and newborn son Luka to to socialize with the. content creator.

Karely talks about being single

With the song “Loba” by the Colombian Shakira and with the sentence “Do you want to know if I have a boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m happy and single”, said the influence, but he would respond to fans who would bring the greatest joy to those who believed there was an affair with the Santa Fe Klan.

“Obviously the Santa Fe Klan has already achieved fame and it didn’t help anymore ha ha ha,” a follower wrote without waiting for the personal content model’s response: “Ha ha ha; yes always Was we are friends. Single my love “, denying any personal relationship with the Mexican rapper and confirming that he does not have any kind of relationship with someone as thought.

A few days ago, Karely was interviewed for the podcast Chismesito con Café and revealed that she began to question from the first kisses that happened in Monterrey if her feelings for the celebrity went further.

“All the people started gossiping and it was when he kissed me in Monterrey and we said ‘This is no longer a collaboration’, we talked about it and we are letting it flow, if something happens, well, and if not, no. My friendship is “First it was friendship, we had a good connection because we both came from below, I told him my story and he told me his story outside the networks because you know what you are doing go through.”

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