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Haitian migrants refuse to move from the Mexican capital

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In a displacement camp in the city square, many families hope to access the asylum mechanism, fearing deportation if they return to Chiapas.

  • Irregular migration involves families in vulnerable situations in different cities in Mexico.

There is a high number of it immigrants from Haiti they resisted several attempts by the Mexican authorities transfer them next Sunday from a park in the capital, where they have spent the night for days, to the city of Chiapas.

Until now, they stay in Plaza Giordano Bruno, Colonia Juárez, out in the open and without hygienic or security conditions.

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Despite the insistence on National Institute of Migrationrefuse to accept the people of the Caribbean to other southern Mexican states, as they did on Friday and Saturday with some of their colleagues.

As they argue, some have an appointment with the Mexican Commission for Refugee Assistance (Comar) in the near future, and Many have already passed through those southern cities, especially Chiapas, and they are not willing to return there.

The government’s decision to keep migrants away from the capital or the border with the United States worried the representative of the United Nations Refugee Agency in Mexico (Acnur), Giovanni Lepri, because these transfers take place without clear information about the destination or guarantees of access to asylum procedures.

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Some of the Haitians who were clinging to the camp declared displacement Latin Press have one transit visa for 45 days and are interested in legalizing their status in the city get a job, because their resources are not enough to eat anymore.

Others are afraid to be expelled by air to their homeland, as had already happened with their colleagues in the previous days.

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