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Ampk protein, the incredible food fraud promoted by Argentine celebrities

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Cinthia Fernández danced in her summer underwear”, titled Miter radio. And attached a video of the media in panties and bra doing a little dance on their social networks.

But the important thing is not the dance, it’s just a hook, what Fernández is looking for is to promote a product called ampk proteinallegedly useful for weight loss.

“Since I don’t have much battery left on the last day of the week I will always trust my heart @ampkprotein. I am the pioneer in this smoothie that helps me not only to have energy but also to strengthen muscles, improve skin, hair and nails,” says the medium in her Instagram post.

But she is not the only person who promotes this product, but also many other famous people who use their own figures in underwear so the media fall into the trap.

And almost all of them do, because they publish those “bait” posts that act as a promotion ampk proteinwhich is a real fraud.

The page “I think, then I eat” he explains that AMPK is an intracellular protein known as the cell’s energy “thermostat”. When the energy level of the cell drops, that is, when there is not much energy available at the intracellular level, this protein is activated. And refuses:

When the AMP/ATP ratio increases at the intracellular level, that is, when there are signs of energy deficiency, AMPK increases its activation level.

As a result, AMPK acts on other enzymes that regulate their activity. Most of the enzymes involved in energy metabolism can be regulated by AMPK activity, as can be seen in the following image:

When the AMPK be activated, stopping most of the synthetic (anabolic) pathways and accelerating the degradative (catabolic) pathways.

As? Basically because what the enzyme tries to restore the energetic state.

However, all processes associated with net energy expenditure are paused, and processes that provide the cell with substrates for oxidation, such as fatty acids, are initiated.

And what is this product? So far everything great. So isn’t it a great idea to supplement with AMPK?

It might seem like it, right? Giving the enzyme orally would be really ridiculous because it is more protein than 500 amino acids, and any first-year student in the field of medical sciences knows that no such protein could resist the proteolytic activity of digestive enzymes, let alone enter the bloodstream. It is not possible.

What do they want to sell us then? verbatim: “Dietary supplement based on dextrophenylalanine, selenium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and C in tablets”.

In other words, after all, and despite all the marketing, it is just another vitamin and mineral supplement.

Of all the ingredients in the formulation, there is no scientific evidence that supplementing them increases AMPK activity.

To recap…and I repeat this in case it isn’t clear: there is no evidence that supplementing with any of these compounds in Framingham Pharma’s “ampk” product enhances AMPK activity.

There is only one study carried out with mice in which it is observed in the light of Selenium deficiency, it may influence the activity of AMPK, a mechanism mediated by the reduction of thyroid hormone T3.

Selenium deficiency can definitely cause problems. They have every nutritional deficiency. This does not mean that one should be supplemented just in case. Not to mention buying it as a weight loss supplement that has no evidence that it works.

On a sensible level, the product is a hoax, a great smoke sale. And on an ethical level, what can I say? Is it necessary?

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