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Wanda Nara, taken with her sister’s “goddess” in Cannes

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ANDhe Cannes Film Festival in France the number of stars who parade through the red carpet always stand out. Oh Leonardo Di Caprio, even Cate Blanchett or Harrison Ford those who attracted public attention.

But in this 2023 edition it was Argentina who took all the flashes. It was about Zaira Nara, Wanda’s sister paraded for the first time in Cannes and that she could not be noticed with her appearance since she was one of the best dressed and received the biggest applause.

Zaira represented Argentina and did so by leaving a good note among all those present. Zaira Nora He shared all the photos from his stay in Cannes which brought him many media headlines.

Even her sister Wanda Nara felt “jealous” of the show and the show that Zaira offered before the eyes of the whole world.

The relationship between the two sisters is the best possible and this is what Wanda Nara expressed, by sharing an image of himself on Instagram to highlight his presence in Cannes: “Can you be more of a goddess? How proud.”

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