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The video of monstrous Ronnie Coleman when he was the best

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    We’ve had our doubts between him and the great Arnold Schwarzenegger for a while now, but let’s be clear and honest, Ronnie Coleman was the best bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia ever. There was and never will be anyone like him. a real perfect muscle mass that also stood out for its symmetry and proportions of 10. There is no debate!

    And if you doubt it too, it’s good to watch this video with his best moments training and on the Olympia stage. His stage presence was the closest thing to resurrecting a dinosaur, he didn’t look human. Their quadrupeds are the size of a T-Rex jurassic park, or his round shoulders and huge pectorals, which was not and will not be a rival. It is a pity that he was confined to a wheelchair by his back problems at the age of 59. But his legacy will be indelible and the best example of how far a body can go with hard training, strict diet and complete chemistry. review here the 15 strongest and most muscular bodybuilders in history.

    Ronnie Coleman: “I felt like Superman”

    As he himself states in the video, there is nothing he couldn’t do: “I felt like Superman. Very strong and I had total control. There was nothing I couldn’t do. Come on, let’s do it it!” And that, in addition to his massive muscles, he had the marks of a true strongman competitor in the bench press, squat or deadlift.

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