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Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat live: result, statistics and highlights of the game with Doncic and Butler

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Miami Heat and dallas mavericks they were one step away from the NBA Finals in 2022: they were second in the Eastern and Western Conferences respectively. Almost a year later, both are more complicated and need a win at the end of the Regular Stage.

With a five game lead in the Regular Stage, Miami is two games away from the playoff spot: If he loses today, he will be doomed to go to the Play-In and even come close to ninth place.

Dallas is more dramatic: The Mavericks are at this moment out of the Play-In and everything and, if they win, they will tie the Oklahoma City Thunder (with whom they lose the tiebreaker), but if they lose they would be ​​very complicated in the final week. .

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Where and how to watch Dallas Mavericks vs. miami heat?

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    • Argentina, Mexico and the rest of Latin America: ESPN
    • US: nba tv
    • Spain: Come on
  • Online streaming:
    • Argentina, Mexico and the rest of Latin America: Star+
    • Spain: Motorola+
    • everyone: NBA League Pass

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How are the Dallas Mavericks vs. miami heat? partial result

Equipment The first quarter Second bedroom Third quarter Last room Total
Mavericks 31 33 64
Heat 44 32 76

Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat live: recap and highlights

End of second quarter: Miami Heat is defeating the Dallas Mavericks 76-64, with 22 points and 7 assists from Butler and 25 goals between Cody Zeller and Love which helps not to miss Bam Adebayo. Doncic leads Dallas with 23 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists while Irving is currently limited to 8 points.

46-56 (7:27) – Dallas begins a slight discount against Miami, with Hardaway already the leading scorer and the main tool to attack Spoelstra’s man zone defense. Meanwhile, Kevin Love is already surprising Miami with 13 points and 100% shooting from the field.

The second quarter began.

End of first quarter: Miami won 44-31 with a great performance after the first three minutes. Butler adds 16 points and Strus another 9 with his 3-3 triple.

31-40 (1:15) – Great 2+1 action that Lowry achieves against Green with a mid-range shot. The Heat are the first team to score 40 points tonight that the Dallas defense can’t do anything against.

22-28 (4:37) – In three minutes Miami got a 16-2 run and now Dallas, who is suffering on the boards, is trying to force a timeout.

22-22 (5:52) – Miami asked for a timeout and answered after it, with a great Butler who already has 14 points and hasn’t missed a shot yet.

20-12 (7:36) – Dallas escapes with a great moment from Hardaway Jr., who made three threes in a row. They damage the Mavericks by playing the fast break, something unusual for them.

9-9 (8:51) – Doncic and Butler is the expected duel of the game and we are already living it: 5 points for everyone in this game with a tied score.

The game began.

Welcome to Miami-Dade Arena, where the Miami Heat will host the Dallas Mavericks this Saturday.

Bam Adebayo is out for the Miami Heat with a bruised hip. Frank Ntilikina is out for the Dallas Mavericks due to a sprained right knee.

The most iconic duels between Miami and Dallas are the ones in Finals history: in 2006 Dallas started with a 2-0 lead, but Miami finished as champions 4-2. In 2011 Miami was leading 2-1, but the Mavericks were the champions 4-2.

Dallas Mavericks roster:

Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, Tim Hardaway Jr, Reggie Bullock, Dwight Powell.

Miami Heat game:

Gabe Vincent, Tyler Herro, Jimmy Butler, Max Strus, Cody Zeller.

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