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The film ‘Breaking Bad’, a sequel about Jesse Pinkman, will appear on Netflix

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Rumors of a return to ‘break badly‘ becoming clear little by little and Deadline Now tell me where we put this movie, a possible sequel by Jesse Pinkman, written and directed by the series creator, Vince Gilligan.

As ‘Breaking Bad’ could be seen around the world on Netflix, and much of its success was due to the marathons that many did on the scene, AMC reached an agreement with the streaming company to release the film before it airs on television in the United States. Knowing Netflix’s distribution strategy, most of its releases are simultaneous internationally and the movie ‘Breaking Bad’ should not be an exception.

For her, The Hollywood Reporter it adds that the film is official a sequel about Jesse Pinkman and his kidnapping, that is, we will see how Jesse regained his freedom. It is expected that Aaron Paul star there, of course.

We are waiting for her like a blue crystal

For now we have to hang on to these unconfirmed rumors like burning nails. Bryan Cranston He already said that a ‘Breaking Bad’ movie is in production, though He did not confirm or deny that his character, the protagonist of the series Walter White, will appear. In any case, he already hinted that the tape would receive some kind of loose end from the last episode of the series, which fits with this new information about the story.

Waiting to shoot this year, We will probably see the movie ‘Breaking Bad’, on Netflix, in 2020.

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