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Breaking Bad: They revealed why Walter White never tried the product he cooked

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Even when Walter White started crossing lines that viewers never thought possible in Breaking Bad, there was one that didn’t, and series creator Vince Gilligan has a good reason.

Since it began break badly until the series finale aired AMC in 2013, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) he became a completely different person. The show’s main character went from a chemistry professor making methamphetamine to pay for his cancer treatment to a drug lord who mercilessly watched people die to keep his secret. And Walter’s journey to becoming Heisenberg is arguably the strongest reason to watch Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad: The real reason Walter White (despite his evils) never tried his product

Walter White may have delved deeper into the meth business on Breaking Bad, but Cranston’s character didn’t even taste the drugs he cooked up. Despite Marie’s (Betsy Ann Brandt) witty suggestion that Walter might be smoking during the early seasons of the show, the leading man never uses drugs on screen. Unlike his partner, he is quite the business when it comes to cooking.

It may seem strange to outsiders: to spend so much time surrounded by drugs and never to be caught. And apparently, the writers considered doing that way with Walter White. However, a deeper look at her character stopped them dead in their tracks. So why didn’t Walter try the method he did? With the main character of break badly crossing every other line, it seems like an obvious story to take into account. However, the creator of the series Vince Gilligan he felt that he was not the character for him.

During an interview, Vince Gilligan explained why Walter had never tried his own product. According to him, the writers considered it. But it was clear that the direction of the show was more addictive to the methane-making process and the resulting impact.

“Somehow it never seemed right. It seemed that what he was hooked on was power and the chemical process. He was a man who had never been in control of his life, and suddenly he is. Why spoil a good thing?”

In this sense, Walter White develops an addiction i break badly, but this is not the type most viewers are used to exploring. Provides a contrast to the journey of the Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) which sees Walt’s partner struggling with drug use.

Breaking Bad: The show’s producer believes he has the real reason Walter White didn’t try his product

The story of Walter White i break badly He didn’t explore the struggle of producing meth and becoming an addict, but he didn’t have to. That’s because the show explored that subject through Jesse Pinkman, who is constantly dealing with the consequences of his drug use. Indeed, Walter’s and Jesse’s experiences contrast with each other in an interesting way. They represent two very different types of people on whom the methamphetamine industry depends.

And Jesse’s journey gives a glimpse of the real damage done by people like Walter and Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) while trying to get money and power. That message would not be communicated as easily if leaders were also immersed in the product.

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