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‘Better Call Saul’ makes the definitive reference to ‘Breaking Bad’ with the title 6×11

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The prequel will tie in with its predecessor in the final stretch of the sixth and final season.


With Alejandro Rodera

July 29, 2022 | 10:35 am

Better call Saul‘ cost no nod to ‘break badly‘ for its final season. From the opening sequence of the sixth installment, which toured Goodman’s lovely home, references to the matrix series have become more patent than ever. At the same time, the spin-off has resolved the fate of some of its original characters, it has left others up in the air, it has shown the decisive horror of Saul, it has pleased us with an episode entirely dedicated to Gene and, of course, end, intertwined with the adventures of Walter and Jesse in the last chapter.

Before the sixth season began airing on AMC, the pay chain suggests that at some point there is back Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. With most of the block cleared, we’re still waiting for that moment, although the title of the next episode makes it clear that patience will be rewarded. As confirmed by Club AV, “Breaking Bad” will be the title of the 6×11 of ‘Better Call Saul’. Therefore, subtlety is excluded, but fans of the franchise will quickly detect the reference that this implies.

Bob Odenkirk in ‘Better Call Saul’

The first time we saw Saul in ‘Breaking Bad’ was in the eighth episode of the second season, entitled “Better Call Saul”. Thirteen years later the prequel hits back at the series that started it all, although we will have to see the chapter directly when the two fictions collide. In Spain, We will be able to see this highly anticipated event on Tuesday, August 2 from 10:30 pm on Movistar+.

early meeting

The other twist has been cooking that meeting over a slow firebut it is true that in “Nippy”, the previous chapter, there were already a few victories that indicated that Jesse and Walter were back soon. The most obvious was when Gene referenced Walter’s story as he prepares his beat at the venue, which was introduced deliberately to warn of what was to come, as screenwriter Allison Tatlock admitted to AMC. Also, during a scene (which may be overlooked) a man tries to decide between two suits. He doesn’t know whether to choose a black or a blue one, which reflects the title “Black or blue”which was the episode before Saul’s appearance in ‘Breaking Bad’.

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