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Ami, from Japan, and Phil Wizard, from Canada, won the titles

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b girl Mefrom Japan, and Phil Wizardfrom Canada, who were announced as champions in the world of break 2022was the first major competition organized by the WDSF in the Olympic cycle before the sport was introduced in olympic games Paris 2024.

Ami got the win after prevailing in the final to B-girl 671from the People’s Republic of China, although Phil Wizard He won gold after winning the bronze medal at the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games in the men’s final, shigekixAlso from Japan.

They finished the podium b win boyfrom the United States and with Mexican rootsand B girl Ayumiwho came to the competition as defending champions and won third place on the podium in the 2022 edition.

In the round of 16 the best ranked Spanish speakers fell: the Spaniards B-girl Raw Law and B-boy Xak and the Mexican b swami’s girl.

Find out all your results here.

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B-girls: Raw Law (ESP) and Swami (MEX) remain at the gates of the quarterfinals

The B girls Raw Law (Spain) and swimming (Mexico) the Spanish speakers who progressed the most in the women’s category in the top 16. In this stage, the Japanese B-girls once again dominated the scene (of the eight who qualified to the next round, five were from this nation), with B girl Riko as the chief leader, achieving victory in all her journeys. It was the other competitor who achieved an impeccable result B-girl 671of the People’s Republic of China.

After going through the top 32, Swami against Stitch and Raw Law against the Seagull, the top 16 had some tough battles to fully enter the fight for the medals. In the top 16, groups of four were formed in 1 vs 1 battles. Each B girl had to face the other three competitors in the group in a two-round battle. The top two in the group advanced to the quarter finals (top 8).

Raw Law was the closest of the two Spanish women to the top eight in the world, and managed to win in two rounds during this stage of the competition. In fact, the French Señorita Carlota (ranked second in her group), won the same starts as the Spaniards, and the tie was broken with the votes received by the judges in each of the disputed rounds.

Raw Law results in the top16

  • Raw Law vs. Kim (Ukraine): 0-2 girl B beat Kim.
  • Miss Carlota (France) vs. Raw Law: Law won 0-2.
  • Raw Law vs 671 (China PR): 671 won 0-2.

Swami results in the top16

  • Swami vs Camine (Belgium): Camine won 0-2
  • Swami vs Sunny (United States of America): 1-1, Swami winning the first game and Sunny the second
  • Swami vs Riko (Japan): 0-2 Riko wins

B-girls: Results of each group in the top16

Group A

  1. Ayumi (JAP) – 5 round wins
  2. Frith (IT) – 4 rounds won
  3. Freshbella (Rep. Korea) – 3 rounds won
  4. Sarah Bee (FRA) – 0 rounds won

Group B

  1. 671 (China PR) – 6 round wins
  2. Miss Carlota (FRA) – 2 wins / 28 votes
  3. Kim (Ukraine) – 2 rounds won / 19 votes
  4. Raw Law – 2 rounds won / 14 votes

Group C

  1. Ami (JAP) – 5 rounds won
  2. Ayane (JAP) – won 5 rounds
  3. Kimie (FRA) – won 2 rounds
  4. Nadia (ISR) – 0 rounds won

Group D

  1. Riko (JAP) – 6 rounds won
  2. Sunny (JAP) – won 3 rounds
  3. Walk (BEL) – won 2 rounds
  4. Swami (MEX) – won 1 round

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B-boys: Xak (ESP) shows his class, but the tough competition confirms

The Spanish B-boy surpassed France’s Xak Lagaet in the top 32, but could not match his result at the 2021 World Cup in Paris, when he finished seventh.

The organic and fluid movements he created in his battles could not help him advance to the top 16 where he failed to win in any of his outings. The day before he already confirmed to Olympics.com that the level in this edition of the Breaking World Cup was higher than he knew until now: “I think it is one of the competitions with the highest level height I was there. Each round had a final for me”.

In the rest of the groups, Japan’s Shigexik led the way, winning all six starts in group A.

Xak’s results are in the top16

  • Xak vs Dany (France): 0-2 Dany won
  • Xak vs Jeffro (United States of America): Jeffro wins 0-2
  • Xak vs Kuzya (Ukraine): 0-2 Kuzya won

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