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Where will Enzo Fernández play? Chelsea prepares the medical examination, but Benfica delays the decision

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Enzo Fernández is one of the most named soccer players in the world today. After showing a great performance to the World Cup with Argentina, and of to win the prize for the best young player of the Qatar 2022 World Cupthe argentinian midfielder has started to sound strongly for various opponents in europe and it will be very difficult for him Benfica he can hold the wheel.

At just 21 years old, Enzo He is one of the players of the moment and with a larger projection around the world. In just five months since he joined the Portuguese team, the exRiver showed its conditions, for the first time in Champions League and then in the toughest event in all of football, the World Cup. Therefore, the best elite clubs they began to fight to be able to rely on the Argentine midfielder in the short term.

Chelsea prepares a medical examination for Enzo Fernández

In one of the novelties of the European winter market now, and which grew as the time came to close passes, this Tuesday, January 31 and when it seemed that the fall of the negotiation, Fabrizio Romanothe transfer guru, stated that Chelsea and Benfica are still in negotiations to reach an agreement.

Just a few minutes after the information from the Italian journalist, the information emerged Englandthrough Sky Sports Newsthat the London club prepared its medical team to carry out the corresponding examinations on the player under the authorization of the Portuguese club.

Chelsea, Benfica and “temporary” negotiations for Enzo Fernández

After going back and forth between the Chelsea (who became the No. 1 candidate to take Enzo over other clubs like Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester United) and Benfica, With the player allowed to go to England, the clubs did not reach an agreement which included several rumors that were never confirmed, as the London team intended to pay more than the clause, which never happened in the end.

It’s about that The people of London got down to work and last Sunday, January 29, it was revealed that they had made a playful offer that it meets, from a financial point of view, the requirements of 120 million euros (after an insufficient offer of 85 million); However, the one who refuses to let him go is Rui Costa, Benfica’s president.

On Monday, January 30, a new version emerged from specialist Fabrizio Romano: Chelsea is willing to pay the 120 million dollars only in 6 installments. With the dawn of the European day and already entering the last day of the passport deal, the Italian reporter reported that the British were trying to reach an agreement but could not, and that the talks would resume on Tuesday morning.

How much is Enzo Fernández worth, what is his termination clause and when will he have a contract?

According to the evaluation on the specialized site Transfermarkt, Enzo Fernández is worth 35 million euros and his contract is with Benfica until June 30, 2027. will come out only for his termination clause is 120 million euros.

Why Enzo Fernández could leave Benfica

Enzo Fernández hasn’t even finished a full season in Europe and the best clubs in the world are already after him because of its high performance and the conditions it showed. The owner is i Benfica since he joined the Portugal team and each time he became a more fundamental part of the team that qualified for the round of 16 of the Champions as the first group in a group he shared with PSG and Juventus.

And beyond what he showed at the institution in Portugal, what inspired him to become one of the best midfielders in the world was his level in World Cup Qatar 2022. After being a substitute in the first two games of Argentina in view Saudi Arabia and MexicoEnzo was involved from the start in the third game against Poland and not only did he not let go of possession, but his performance grew as the games went on until they are one of the best on the pitch in the World Cup final against France.

Enzo Fernandez Season 2022

Tournament PJ goals helps
The Portuguese league 17 1 3
Champions League* 9 2 2
Portugal Cup 3 1 0
World Cup Qatar 2022 7 1 1
international friends 3 0 0
Total 36 5 6

* 4 of those 9 games were played in the rounds before the group stage of the Champions League.

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