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Hooded men attack a group of students and this is what the authorities say

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Moment when hooded men attack law students at Cunnock. (Photo: video capture)

This Thursday night, March 23, it was reported that there was a brawl between hooded men and students from the Law at the Western University Center (Cunoc), in Quetzaltenango. According to preliminary information, there are various injuries.

Arodi Sazo, director of Law at Cunoc, described what happened at the center as “criminal”. He also said that they will collect the footage from the security cameras to start the investigation.

He indicated that a group of people who identified themselves as part of the resistance attacked and took a group of students out of the classrooms.

He said that students they asked the attackers to allow them to attend classes, for which they were the victims of insults and beatings at the hood.

Among those attacked is a student, who suffered blows to the chest, this prompted the other students to react.

He confirmed that the hooded men are from the group called Digna Resistencia and with sticks they attacked the university students. Students who hit the head are reported.

He claimed that the same group pepper-sprayed some students who were still at Cunoc.

responsible to the hood for the acts of violence registered.

The authorities indicated that the case will be investigated.

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