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CJNG: the sophisticated and mysterious website promoted by the criminal group with impunity

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The site had various sections, such as a press room, radio, programs, videos, music, archives, and maps of the states where the criminal group is located

Considered “the fifth battle”, the Armed forces They also maintain a strong war with organized crime gangs who practice various security crimes in cyberspace.

he Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) promoted with complete impunity their various “altruistic campaigns” they allegedly carried out in various parts of the country through a sophisticated website that had various sections such as press room, radio, programs, videos, music, archives, among other things. things.

Map of the location of the state where the criminal group is located, led Nemesio Oseguera Cervantesalias the mencho, maintains a presence in drug trafficking and other types of crimes: Colima, Nayarit, Jalisco, Veracruz and Guerrero. “Those who do not support the poor cannot really be rich.”, read one of the messages on the page, promoted as “the official website of the CJNG”.

The site contained numbers of alleged members of the CJNG (Photo: Screenshot/Infobae)

Infobae Mexico he undertook the task of reviewing the the domain details of the electronic page which have already been removed by the cybersecurity authorities. Through consultations with sites dedicated to web site information tracking it could be ascertained that that page would have been created recently, since it has a mark on the records creation in early 2023specifically on January 18 this year.

The site also promoted the dissemination of the various narcocorridos and videos on the various multimedia platforms, as well as containing information on the alleged motives of the criminal group.

“We will fight against the violence to recover security, recover jobs, clean water, food, education for the poor family, for the new generation,” he described.

There were some parts and images of the criminal group led by “El Mencho” (Photo: Seat / Infobae)

According to the website, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel It has 59,753 members and is thought to have participated in 378 public works.

Developed by “TMTA”, an acronym whose meaning is unknown, the website also invited its users to leave their comments about anything they wanted to discuss, provided that the person requesting it lived in Mexico, “that it would be in Spanish and an account would be created with it. security password for future communications.”

“If a member of CJNG and you have questions about any page, leave a comment”, said the page that asked to be sent videos and images referring to Mexican drug cartels.

They also shared various works related to the criminal group (Photo: Screenshot/Infobae)

In domain registries you can also access the name of the person or organization that owns the website, however the data appears to be protected by privacy, according to the information consulted. It looks like the country where the domain was registered ES. These letters are linked to domains of Iceland.

Another thing that drew attention during the investigation was that the website changed from mid-February until it was shut down in March. between images of The Mencho, named as the alleged spiritual leader of the criminal organizationthere were also photos of armed men and a section dedicated to music and videos where they were shared musical compositions that referred to the criminal group.

The page contained links to other official sites such as the site of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval) and that of the Water Organisation. Intelligence reports from the National Guard (GN), held by Infobae Mexicotransmit that through a collaboration between the GN and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA, from its acronym in English) the provider of accommodation services was located and removed from the public network from the Internet.

There was even a section for the press (Photo: Screenshot/Infobae)

According to the Mexican Legal Dictionary of the The Nation’s Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN), the excuse for the crime is “suggesting a serious violation of the law”, and for that reason the Federal Criminal Code states that the person who “publicly incites to commit a crime, or excuses its for or on behalf of several people. vice, to apply from ten to one hundred and eighty working days in favor of the community if the crime is not committed.

“Otherwise, the sanction that corresponds to him for his participation in the crime committed will be applied to the provocateur,” says article 208 of the Criminal Code.

Meanwhile, the The Sedena-Marina Glossary of Terms for Security in Cyberspace Think of these types of sites as a cyber userwhich states that they are “individuals or organizations that register and maintain similar Internet addresses or that refer to the names of real-world organizations or entities in the Cyberspace“.

There was a section to “subscribe” to CJNG information (Photo: Screenshot/Infobae)

Another relevant term for Internet security is the cyber terrorismdefined as “use of cyberspace as an end or a means to generate terror or general panic for to influence decisions or impose ideologies against society and/or institutions”.

(Do you want to be friends with the cartel?)

In one section of the website there was an image of the series Better call Saulrelated to the drug trafficking opera break badly. And just below, also called four letter poster he promised fights against Nazi groups and other violent organizations.

The CJNG invited its readers to contact the criminal group (Photo: screenshot/Infobae)

At the bottom of the site, the criminal group readers were invited to subscribe keep information up to date about one of the most dangerous criminal groups in Mexico.

According to Cyber ​​Incident Response Center (CERT-MEX) from the National Guard, so far 200 apocryphal pages of this kind have been detected, which have already been disabled.

For the security authorities there is a new type of war that goes beyond the physical terrain, it is the cyber warfare, which applies when cyberspace is used as an environment to carry out hostile activities. Apparently, the CJNG page would be part of this new kind of battle against drug trafficking groups.

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