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Cameron Diaz finally does not want to continue acting | celebrities | ndatr | HUSBAND

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. His return to the big screen was highly anticipated since he retired in 2014 and he is back this year with his favorite partner as Jamie Foxx in the film ‘Back in Action’; however, a series of events did not deter her from pursuing her acting side.

According to the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’, which has communicated with various sources close to the main character of ‘The Mask’, her wishes to return to scripts and feature films have been put aside due to the long hours she has to record. And that is that she does not want to abandon her aspect as a mother to little ‘Raddix’ three years old, the result of her relationship with her partner Benji Madden.

According to those close to her, Diaz does not feel well being away from her child for a good part of the day. He requires up to 10 hours of work a day to shoot ‘Back in Action’, and although they gave him the advantage of being close to his family, he feels that it is not the same, since that he wants to spend much more time with him. his children for the immense love he has for them.

“Cameron loves her work as a mother, it’s the most important thing in the world to her. And he does not like at all that he has to come and go from a shoot that will last more than ten hours. He hates being away from Raddix.” evidence indicates a source for the medium mentioned above.

Conflicts in production

In addition, the problems that arose in the middle of the filming of the aforementioned film would put a lot of stress on her. As is known, the film directed by Seth Gordon has had a series of problems since it was made, such as the change of executive producer, as well as a large part of the crew, as well as some emotional crises of the actors in the middle the recording.

All this led to Cameron finally retiring after this latest audiovisual project, much to the dismay of her fans who had hoped to see her in action again, her last film ‘Annie’ (2014) to until now.

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