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Breaking Bad: Jesse and Walter reunite for the Super Bowl

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15 years after its premiere break badly, the iconic series has a chance to return, albeit in advertising form. As usual, the super bowl a long list of brands are anticipating and promoting the event, and among them are popcornwhich will bring together Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman and Walter White:

In addition, another former star of the show will appear in the final commercial, as expected for the brand with a new image. It’s about Raymond Cruzwho plays Tuco Salamanca:

Breaking Bad – Popcorners

We will have to wait for the celebration of the big sporting event, on February 12, to find out what other things they have prepared together with the cast of the successful series.


The Last of Us surpassed Breaking Bad

After his screen debut i HBO Max a fortnight ago, The Last of Us It is already shaping up to be one of the series of the year, achieving huge numbers for the streaming platform. Although the pilot episode did not reach the outrageous 10 million House of the Dragonthe video game adaptation had more than 5 million decent views and managed to increase 22% for its second chapter, which no other service production has achieved.


But that’s not all. It may not have exceeded the spin-off of the game of thronesbut it has the original series and another equally famous one: break badly. The first episode of The Last of Us became the highest rated show in IMDB with 9.4, leaving behind the other 2 with 9.0 and 8.9, respectively.

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