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Trial against the actor for causing brain injury and broken ribs to an elderly man

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ANDthe judgment against Gwyneth Paltrow today starts i Utah, United States of America. In the year 2016the alleged actor and according to the plaintiff, Terry Sanderson76, acted negligently and ran over her at a ski resort, causing a brain injury and four broken ribs, as well as “pain, depression, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress and disfigurement,” according to Sanderson.

The old man is an optician and demands the actor from ‘Shakespare passionate‘ whole of it $300,000 for damages incurred in a lawsuit that occurred three years after the accident, in 2019.

The amount requested has been decreasing over time, since its initial purpose was to receive compensation three million dollars. From the beginning of the process, Paltrow He denied these accusations.

conflicting versions

Terry Sanderson He told what happened in 2016 in this way. “It was an incredible day skiing with five friends. We ran two slow signs on the road, I heard a hysterical scream and they immediately hit me from behind and that’s all I remember,” said the optician, 76 years old.

Lawyers do the Sanderson They have revealed that she was skiing “out of control” and very “recklessly”, which caused this accident. In addition, they have accused the ski resort, the Vacation in Deer Valleyto hide information on what happened to protect his illustrious visitor.

In any case, his version is very different from the actor’s version in this process. Gwyneth Paltrow he explains, in fact, that it was this man who ran over her from behind, knocking her to the ground, and that he apologized even after what had happened. The main witness for the actress is her son’s ski instructor, although he claims he did not see exactly what happened, he said he saw the defendant stretched out on the ground.

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