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The United Kingdom will deploy 1,200 soldiers for the strike in ambulances and customs

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About 1,200 soldiers and a thousand civil servants will be deployed in the coming days to to fill the vacancies due to the strike by both border agents and ambulance drivers they summoned the United Kingdom.

In a decision that was widely criticized from some quarters, the government of the conservative Rishi Sunak was forced out to avoid resorting to the troops that is the situation in the airports during Christmas and the seriously ill person needing a transfer does not result in complete chaos.

The Chief of Staff of the British Armed Forces himself, Admiral Tony Radakin, has been questioned, however use of the army as “spare service”.

In an interview with the ‘Sunday Times’ last Sunday, Radakin emphasized that the army must “focus on their main role” and felt it would be “dangerous” treating them as a “last resort” in situations such as strikes facing the country.

Despite this, he refused to engage in “political debates” and reminded that the armed forces are at “service to the nation” according to the Government’s orders. Around 10,000 ambulance workers are expected to stop work on 21 and 28 December to demand better wages.

Her strike will join the one called by the nurses’ unionRCN, on December 20, after which the union has given the Government a 48-hour ultimatum to close a solution, which will lead to new strikes.

Meanwhile, the agents of the Fórsa Teorann will interrupt their work for eight days, from the 23rd to the 31st of Decemberwhich could cause significant disruption to travel over Christmas.

The government has announced that civil servants and the military will try to minimize that disruption by controlling traveller’s documentation. According to the BBC, some airlines have stopped selling tickets to London Heathrow airport on days when border agents go on strike.

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