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San Lorenzo Group in South America 2023: Competitors, teams, matches and possible dates

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Since the Ruben Dario Insua as a coach, San Lorenzo It had an important revival, becoming the protagonist of the local competition. Now, he will look to apply that momentum internationally, through a new edition of the South American Cup.

Next, we review all the details about the potential competitors him A raven in the group stage and the Important dates for the team led by the Insua.

San Lorenzo Group in South America 2023: possible competitors

San Lorenzo will meet their group rivals on the day Monday 27 Marchwhen the Game Copa Sudamericana. The IS drums of said draw are made up as follows, with the Cyclone as part of the head of the series.

bass drum 1 bass drum 2 bass drum 3 Kick 4
St Lawrence (ARG) Newell’s (ARG) Tiger (ARG) Gymnastics (ARG)
Students (ARG) Defense and Justice (ARG) America Mineiro (BRA) hurricane (ARG)
St Paul’s (BRA) Botafog (BRA) Goias (BRA) Fortress (BRA)
Holy (BRA) Bragantino (BRA) Cesar Vallejo (PER) Millionaires (COL)
Quito League (ECU) University (PER) Danube (URU) Porto Cabello (VEN)
Emelec (ECU) Tolama (COL) Merida Students (VEN) Italian Audax (CHI)
Santa Fe (COL) Ind. Guaraní (EVEN) blooming (BOL) Tacuary (PAR)
Penarol (URU) Palestine (CHI) Eastern Oil (BOL) Magellan (CHI)

Considering that San Lorenzo cannot share a group with any Argentinian team, their potential rivals in Bombo 2 Botafogo, Bragantino, the University, Tolima, Guaraní and Palestine.

From Bombo 3 it can be crossed with América Mineiro, Goiás, César Vallejo, Danubio, Estudiantes de Mérida, Blooming and Oriente Petrolero.

Although from Drum 4 they can be seen Fortaleza, Millionaires, Puerto Cabello, Audax Italiano, Tacuary and Magallanes.

San Lorenzo matches and schedule in the stage group of South America 2023

Date Day Rival Condition
1 Week of April 5 To confirm To confirm
2 Week of April 19 To confirm To confirm
3 Week of May 3 To confirm To confirm
4 Week of May 24 To confirm To confirm
5 Week of June 7 To confirm To confirm
6 Week of June 28 To confirm To confirm
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