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Rishi Sunak is elected as the new leader of the ‘Tories’ and will be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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Rishi Sunak will be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, after establishing himself as leader of the Conservative Party thanks to the support of more than half of the Dáil deputies and the withdrawal of fellow candidates Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt.

After the resignation of Liz Truss, who had been in office for 44 days, the Tory party began an accelerated campaign to replace her, so accelerated that at the time Sunak officially announced her candidacy, at the same time the job was already being done. competition.

British networks announced that the former Treasury minister had the public support of at least 180 MPs out of a total of 357 seats, while Penny Mordaunt, who was the first choice to take office, only received the support of 25 MP.

Despite Sunak missing out on the chance to become party leader and chief executive in August, this time he took over from Boris Johnson. Especially after this October 24, the former chief executive announced that he would not be seen in these primary schools, alleging that it would be very difficult to govern effectively with a broken Parliament.

The former prime minister had previously received the public support of less than 60 conservative legislators, which is a far cry from those announced by Sunak.

“I think I have a lot to offer, but I’m afraid it’s not the right time,” Johnson said Sunday night.

Sunak was one of the biggest critics of Liz Truss’ economic tax cut plans, which forced her to resign after a short term in office.

The Southampton-born politician said his plans were “reckless and will cause harm” as they did after Truss’ tax cut package devalued sterling and sent markets into a panic.

The obstacles faced by Sunak, the first president of Indian origin

The parliament succeeded in setting aside the accusations of his opponent, who accused him of being a “traitor” for resigning from Johnson’s government when the former prime minister was embroiled in a series of scandals that forced him to resign last July .

“I served as your chancellor, helping to steer our economy through the most difficult times … The challenges are greater now. But the opportunities are great, if we make the right decision,” Sunak said on Sunday, three campaigns. statement.

After Johnson’s rejection, many of his supporters announced their support for Sunak, ensuring that the country needs a period of stability, as the minister of the cabinet office, Nadhim Zahaw, said: “Rishi is extremely talented , he will have a strong majority in the Conservative Party of parliament and he will have my full support and loyalty.

Sunak is a former billionaire banker who studied at Britain’s elite schools and is a supporter of budgetary orthodoxy, which many right-wing lawmakers consider necessary to calm markets.

The 42-year-old parliamentarian will therefore become the youngest prime minister in 200 years, as well as the first leader of Indian origin in the United Kingdom, an appointment that comes as Diwali, an important Hindu holiday, begins is very popular among Indo-. British.

In this file photo, Rishi Sunak meets with supporters ahead of the Conservative Party leadership election at the NEC, Birmingham, UK on August 23, 2022. © Rui Vieira / AP

An election that lasted less than expected

The election process for the new British prime minister was organized by the 1922 Committee, which brings together deputies without ministerial posts. Normally, after knowing the list of candidates, parliamentarians must make a series of votes.

The time of this process depends on the number of applicants. To choose Johnson’s successor, it took a total of two months. However, this time there was no need to complete the entire process as only Sunak was left as a candidate.

After her resignation, Truss himself announced that the 1922 Committee had promised to choose a replacement in less than a week to avoid escalating the situation in the United Kingdom and the result was expected to be announced on 28 October .

In the coming days, Sunak will have to attend an audience with the new King Carlos III to take up his new position.

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