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Gwyneth Paltrow has messed up again

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The funniest thing to watch in 2023 will be those documentaries about it Gwyneth Paltrow promoted Goop, his Internet empire fitness (in short) knowing that one of his protagonists now hates everyone. TO Elise Loehnenfor some time on the right of the actress, business woman and mafuga, which does not lack opportunities lash out at the company and the person he worked for for seven years. As one of Goop’s most powerful executives, Loehnen feels that way it was responsible for amplification the crazy messages than the star of it Shakespeare in love always emits and, unfortunately, crosses. Every time Paltrow talks about what goes into her mouth (food, little), through her vagina (steam) or through her anus (ozone), she raises the bread (from sourdough).

Do not fall into hypocrisy more than comment Plains IbaiElise Loehnen has said she dedicated herself to him when she left Goop “eat like a teenager”. That means badly and maybe too much, but she nuances and contextualizes it, so it doesn’t seem like she’s completely lost her mind and jumps from one extreme to another.

Loehman talks about do not develop a perverse relationship with your body and all those things that really help. Needless to say she has her own economic interests and these are, needless to say, in the same universe as Gwyneth Paltrow’s beach bar. Soon he will publish a book entitled On our best behaviour: the seven deadly sins and the price women pay for being good. No one doubts that there will be a few references to his former boss.

Paltrow, for her part, has messed it up again when it comes to her own diet, which very restrictive regime that she covers, as always, with him science of lying and size 36. Then, like all the profiles written about her peak, she smokes from time to time. She is perverted and she is crazynot necessarily in this order.

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